year of the dragon

These Gen Z Stars Have A Promising 2024 This Year Of The Dragon

Luck will be on their side.

Keep an eye out for these young stars as we enter the year of the dragon.

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February 10, 2024, isn’t just the second Saturday of the month or a holiday. It’s a special day that signals the start of the Chinese New Year. 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon and the fifth year in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. As per the Chinese zodiac, individuals born during the year of the Dragon (ie. 1974, 1988, 2000, 2010) are said to be strong-willed, charismatic, and confident. 

They basically know how to make their presence known, which may get even stronger this year as 2024 is slated to be their year. It’s also something to watch out for in these following famous faces. These ’00 babies weren’t just born in the year of the Dragon and at the start of the new millennium, but they also have teed up what promises to be an exciting 2024 ahead. 



Another year, another opportunity for Alexa to deliver even more slayage. In 2023 alone, Alexa, among other things, starred in the teleserye Pira-Pirasong Paraiso, co-starred in a Hong Kong-set short film from Cathy Garcia-Sampana, and made her musical theater debut with KD Estrada on Walang Aray. It’s giving triple threat, so who knows what exciting new moves Alexa will make this year. 



From TV to movies and more, Bianca Umali has earned her spot as one of GMA’s most bankable young faves. But her star power looks to reach new heights as she will lead one of her biggest shows to date, Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre. The new generation spin-off to 2016’s Encantadia has fans excited to return to the fantasy world, with Bianca playing the main role of Terra, Danaya’s daughter and new keeper of the Brilyante ng Lupa.


It is said that there aren’t small roles, only small actors. And that was proven by Kaori in her role in A Very Good Girl. While her character of Rigel only appeared in the final act and had a few minutes of screen time, Kaori made the most of it and helped deliver one of the gaggiest plot twists in local cinema in years. The Gen Z actress can deliver, and we can’t wait to see what new projects she has this year. 


From acting to music and more, Vivoree has proven herself to be adept at tackling any project she’s given. She got people in their feels with her songs like Matapang and Dalawang Isip, stormed the stage in the 2023 musical theater adaptation of Tabing Ilog, and landed on the trending charts as part of the cast of Can’t Buy Me Love. 2024 promises to be another exciting year for Vivoree. 


gen z rising actors elijah canlas

No conversation about the best actors of the new generation is complete without including Elijah Canlas. As just 23 years old, he’s already the proud owner of some of the local industry’s biggest awards. He eats with every project he gets, which includes his burgeoning career as a rapper. We’re particularly excited to see him in his next film, EDJOP. It will follow the story of Edgar Jopson, a Filipino activist during the Marcos Sr. dictatorship and one of the key figures of The First Quarter Storm in 1970. 



We may already be one month into 2024, but the SnoRene hype hasn’t died down. Matter of fact, it’s only gotten stronger as viewers tune in to catch the comedic antics of Irene and Snoop in Can’t Buy Me Love. And with that comes even more attention for breakthrough actor Anthony Jennings, who brings to life Snoop on the show. With a top-rated TV series under his belt, the rising actor is entering the year with his name on everyone’s lips. 

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