8 Young Filipino Changemakers Amplifying The Youth’s Voices On The Global Stage

The kids are alright.

A round-up of some of the most far-reaching Gen Z voices as of late.

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When people associate this generation with being outspoken, it can often be done with distaste. Especially in the Philippines, where progressive thoughts are met with red-tagging or general disdain. But it’s important to challenge the status quo—to question, criticize, and address issues that make life so much harder for people. And while Gen Z is building on ideas and foundations that many generations have laid out and built before them, no one can say that they aren’t trailblazers in their own right.

There is always something uplifting, inspiring, and hope-giving in the way the youth is steadfast in their belief for a better tomorrow and their determination to get there. Just take it from these young artists, activists, and students, who are pursuing something greater than themselves and bringing “Pinoy pride” to a whole new level.

Through speeches, artwork, or representation in international events, these young changemakers highlight the stories, issues, and discussions involving Filipinos that need to be had if we want to live in a more just, more sustainable, more inclusive, and more progressive society. They’re doing it all on a global level. And—they’re just a few doing great work as of late out of countless others. Check them out below!


Renren Galeno is a young komiks artist and illustrator known for illustrating Searching For Maura, an investigative piece on The Washington Post about a Kankanaey (Igorot) woman who was brought to the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. The heartbreaking graphic novel recounts the horrors done to Filipino peoples who were brought to the United States to become “exhibits” at the largest human zoo in history.

The young komiks artist, along with writers and researchers Claire Healy and Filipino-American journalist Nicole Dungca, was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in Illustrated Reporting and Commentary. Filipina photographer Hannah Reyes Morales was also nominated in the Feature Photography category for her work in photographing How the Youth Boom in Africa Will Change the World.


As the Philippines’ youth delegate to the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Conference or COP 28, Javea Estavillo took the podium to talk to world leaders and the world watching about climate change, loss and damage, and climate financing. She is currently headed to college to study economics and climate financing at Stanford University, on the path to pursuing environmental law.


Mandy Romero took the mic at the United Nations’ 68th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women earlier this year to deliver strong messages about the state and struggles of women and how they are being limited from achieving their potential. Inspired by the women she’s advocating for, Mandy talked about women living in poverty, the struggles of indigenous peoples, and the gender inequality in education. Mandy further highlighted the importance of education and investing in women in girls in order to change the world.


The young spokespersons of the Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), Mitzi Jonelle Tan and Alab Mirasol Ayroso, also attended COP28, speaking at engagements and discussions at the conference and bringing awareness to necessary climate action. The two spoke with other young climate activists and organizations about the phasing out of fossil fuels and bringing young climate activists into the discussions about the world their generation is about to inherit.


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Madrid WUDC 2023

Whatever stereotypes you may think about debaters, David Africa and Tobi Leung’s win at the World Universities Debating Championship in Madrid last year, challenging the concept of “ubuntu, was historic. Debates aren’t just to prove one perspective is better or more correct than the other. Whether you agree or disagree with any stance, debates are a space to examine, challenge, and communicate a variety of ideas and promote critical thinking.

The pair, from the Ateneo Debate Society, showed excellence in critical thinking, speaking, and argumentation at the biggest debate tournament in the world, literally proving that the Filipino voice is one to listen to.


Chia Amisola is a young internet artist whose work on digital spaces that preserve, commemorate, and bring awareness to Filipino history, culture, and memory earned her a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – Asia list of honorees. With art, technology, culture, and information design, Chia weaves digital tapestries aligned with her thrust to make creation synonymous with liberation.

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