Here’s How These Gen Z Celebrities Spent the Long Weekend

Next stop: Christmas break!

From Kathryn Bernardo’s bonding with nature to BINI’s Bohol trip, here’s how our favorite celebrities spent last weekend out-of-office style.

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Now that the long break is over and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming, the crazy commotions are in full force. Whether you’re a college commuter or a corporate professional running on a 9-5 routine, a weekend isn’t enough to take a breather. As we’re trying to survive our own responsibilities, we romanticize the lives of celebrities and content creators, assuming that their world revolves around photoshoots and glamorous galas.

Then I realized that they’re also people who work through hectic schedules and hell weeks with an anticipation for a special announcement: the arrival of a long weekend. That said, have you ever wondered what they do during this much-awaited break from the demands of adulting? From flights with friends to dinner dates with family, here’s how your favorite celebrities spent last weekend out-off-office style.


BINI appeared to have an absolute blast while exploring the home of the famous Chocolate Hills—Bohol. This enchanting island province served as the perfect backdrop for their exciting break before the challenging Bohol-Bohol trail left them breathless. As they immersed themselves in the culture, cuisine, and traditions of Bohol, the girl group left behind a trail of picturesque snapshots that made fans feel a sense of wanderlust.

Francine Diaz

Francine Diaz and her family took over Dotonbori and Osaka. From the bustling streets, where the scent of street food wafts through the air, to the serene moments spent at traditional shrines, their adventure through these cities is a testament to the beauty of family bonding. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without a day tour at Universal Studios.

Gela Atayde

When friends become your family, it doesn’t matter where you are. And speaking of Squad Goals, nothing exudes great energy like Gela Atayde and her gang. Whether she’s in Manila or jet-setting back to Bangkok, she’s always surrounded by famous goofballs that make us want to just join their barkada.

Kathryn Bernardo

With the stunning success of A Very Good Girl, Kathryn Bernardo definitely deserves a vacation outside the busy streets of Manila. As seen on the actress’ Instagram, she’s embracing nature on a trip to a waterfall. Her escape into the serene wilderness is a refreshing change of pace and scenery, reminding everyone to take a step back, recharge, and find moments of peace in the midst of career-filled chaos.

Kylie Versoza

Even with the long weekend, Kylie Versoza didn’t stop running the show. It felt like one Halloween hoorah after another, and before we knew it, she had already landed in Singapore for Victoria’s Secret. The actress and model graced the grand opening of the new ION Orchard store, looking stunning in a sparkling silver dress on the pink carpet. And before the much-awaited break concluded, Kylie was back in the Philippines, conquering the peak of Mt. Batulao. It’s safe to say she’s become a globetrotting girlie.

Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay

Couple goals? Travel goals? You name it; Allen Ansay and Sofia Pablo are dishing them out on a silver platter during their trip to Japan. From celebrating a happy Halloween at Universal Studios to copping convenience store finds in Osaka, Team Jolly just shared the cutest, most candid photos on their Instagram. They’re making us say, sana all!

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