Chick This Out: Experience Fried Chicken in a Bold Way with This Hip Asian Fusion Restaurant

Ya, we are talking about quick bites you’ve been longing for!

A taste of the exotic, a bite of your favorite fried rice dish—Tasty Panda is here to give you a little bit of everything

The best thing about being a foodie is that you never have to settle for bland and boring food. You’re willing to try anything once and every bite is an adventure. However, there will be times when you want something quick and easy even when you’re out and about. During these times, your stomach may be hollering for something substantial and everyone’s go-to: a fried rice and fried chicken combo.

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Bold flavors and inspired by Chinese cuisine and the exquisite taste of the Southeast Asian region, Tasty Panda is all about giving you a mouth-watering experience through its tasty fried rice and fried chicken concoctions. 

The plot chickens

Get a kick out of Tasty Pandas version of the Special Black Pepper Chicken and Fried Rice Combo

The early beginnings of the Poblacion-based kitchen started in 2018 when friends Alain and John traveled to Singapore for a quick excursion. As any tourist who finds themselves in the Lion City, a trip to a hawker center was on their to-do list.

Once they bit into the food that was on their plates, they discovered something amazing—how diverse the food was in this tiny country. They tried a variety of fried rice and fried chicken throughout their stay and realized how the medley was a match made in comfort food heaven.

Enjoy a toothsome serving of the Premium Salted Egg Chicken toppings

After returning to Manila, they had an intense craving for the food they had tasted on their quick Singaporean getaway. They searched for a restaurant that served something similar but nothing came close to what they were looking for until Tasty Panda was born.

All fried with joy

As Manila’s “Best Fried Rice in Town,” the Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant is also all about convenience. Tasty Panda has made takeouts easy to grab a tasty meal on the go where you can happily enjoy your meal in oyster pail boxes, so you can take them anywhere! Each meal box contains one choice of fried rice and one choice of fried chicken.

A Singaporean hawker places signature dish the Sweet Chili Fried Chicken and Fried Rice

Fried chicken lovers and foodies alike can mix and match different fried rice flavors like Egg Fried Rice, Sausage Fried Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, and Beef Fried Rice; and fried chicken flavors Orange, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Korean Spicy, Black Pepper, and Salted Egg. 

The unique fried chicken hub also offers party trays good for three to four people where you can choose one flavor of fried rice and two flavors of fried chicken.

In simply four years, Tasty Panda has established itself as the go-to place for anyone who wants to taste a little bit of everything without spending too much. Their quick bites are perfect for those who just want to tease their cravings and still get on with their busy days.

The #BestFriedRice and #BestFriedChicken dishes by Tasty Panda ranges from PHP 149 to PHP 220. Follow Tasty Panda on Instagram and Facebook.