Calling All Freelance Creatives, This Course Is Made Just For You

We wouldn't mind going to school for this.

A course all about creative freelancing 101? Where do we sign up?

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It is often said that college is the place where you learn and develop your skills to take on the real world. You take classes and courses relating to whatever job or career path you want when you graduate. But sometimes, there are things that we would like to learn that aren’t taught or offered in a class, such as being a freelancer in the creative industry. 

While the profession has boomed in recent years as people opt out of corporate life to become a freelancers in the creative field, there aren’t that many resources on how to actually be one or navigate what can be a tricky world. If you feel like you’re on this boat, then this upcoming course should be on your radar as you learn from the experts on freelancer life. 


Katha Pilipinas, a creative social enterprise for artists, artisans, and creatives to sustain their livelihood and hone their craft, and the University of Asia and the Pacific recently partnered up to give even more resources to help local creatives in the field, whether they be an established name or newbie on the scene. And they’ll do this through a course called Navigating Freelancing Life as a Creative


The certificate program aims to equip artists and creatives with the necessary tools to thrive in their artistic pursuits. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, freelancing has become an increasingly relevant and viable career option for artists and creatives. However, the creative careers world can be challenging without the essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed, not to mention how some people still don’t see it as a viable profession. To address this, Katha Pilipinas and UA&P created a comprehensive continuing education program specifically designed for artists and creatives.


Navigating Freelancing Life as a Creative will, as the name suggests, have participants learn the ins and outs of freelancing as a creative in this day and age. The multi-day program offers enrollees practical tips, tricks, and information on how they can make the most out of their talents while paying their bills and keeping the lights on. Some of the lessons and classes offered include marketing and branding, refining pitching skills, pricing, doing contracts, and the all-too-needed adulting skill of doing taxes and navigating important government requirements. There will also be a few personal lessons, such as developing proper time management and fostering self-care. If only they taught these in school. 


Who will be teaching in the program? It will be led by industry experts and seasoned professionals who possess a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by creatives in the freelancing world. With their guidance, participants will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their creative pursuits, while also fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Other bonuses you can expect in the program are digital toolkits you can keep after you finish the course, your professional headshot taken on the final day of the program, and official support and promotion from Katha Philippines.  


Enrollment for the Navigating Freelancing Life as a Creative program is now open, which will set you back 18,000 pesos, though discounts are available. Classes will be held on March 2, 9, 16, and 23, 8 AM – 5 PM, at UA&P. The classes are open to all creative professionals, such as artists, designers, and performers. Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or are just a rookie looking to get things started, these classes are for you. So, no need to worry if your portfolio may be light at the moment. 


The program is designed to cater to all creative professionals regardless of which stage of their career they are, from fresh grads about to start their creative careers to veteran artists who want to refresh and stay updated. As long as you’re interested in exploring or enhancing your freelance career, the doors are open. For more information and updates on the program, check out Katha Pilipinas on their social media channels. 


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