Free From the Familiar: Ellis Co Launches ARCHIVES With Unimaginable Details

MAKE WAY. A high-fashion streetwear brand that you’ve never seen before has arrived from the future.

Here’s a rundown of just some of the unique components that were seen during Ellis Co’s fashion presentation that went beyond the traditional runway

Social media has become a major contributor to the swift virality of anything and everything. Trends boom from left and right, and sometimes, we can’t even keep up with the pace of it all. Because these trends can be spotted wherever we go, the ability to insert our own personality in what we do or wear becomes a bit of a struggle, making it quite difficult to stand out. However, Ellis Co proves there’s always space to break oneself from the common things in life with the launch of ARCHIVES, his very own clothing line, and the fashion show produced by AMRG that came with it.

Memoirs of the Future

When he launched his collection dubbed “Memoirs of the Future” last July, Ellis Co undoubtedly made a name for himself already. The fashion presentation was composed of seemingly peculiar elements that ended up being the right fit to achieve his vision of transporting guests into the future of fashion.

The show began with the Manila String Machine performing “The Four Seasons, Concerto No. 2, ‘Summer’ III. Presto” before playing melodies that accompanied the contemporary beats of the music produced by Ellis. It’s not everyday we come across a fashion show where a piece as classic as Vivaldi’s gets played for a strong opening, let alone other tunes created by the fashion designer himself.

Expect the unexpected

As the models began strutting one by one, Ellis Co’s debut collection stunned everyone in attendance. With a total of 44 looks, the show was divided into different segments that started with a round of all black. What was unique about these pieces was that it showcased the designer’s personal take on unconventional proportions with outerwear that was reimagined into oversized pieces with obi belts and curved lapels, which is considered to be his signature touch. This segment was then followed by a stream of white garments before capping it off with Ellis’ play on neutrals and fall dressing that presented his exploration of structure and silhouettes. But what was probably the most eye-catching accent of the night was the unusual addition of boxing gloves and head gears in some of the outfits—a representation of his background in the sport.

A dystopian future in the present

It wasn’t just the clothes that made the show what it was. To accompany each look that appeared on the runway, the overall production was an art piece in itself. The event held at Whitespace Manila became a scene from a dystopian film as it was filled with grey angular structures that were complemented with a touch of nature through plants scattered across the room. Talk about two ends of the spectrum meeting in the middle.

Down to the last detail of Memoirs of the Future, Ellis Co was able to prove that it’s still very much possible for us to break free from the familiar.

For more information about Ellis Co and his debut collection, follow ARCHIVES on Instagram.