For The Future: Here’s How You Can Help Nadine Lustre Raise Funds For 88,000 Trees

It’s time to build a future worth living one tree at a time.

Using her influence to inform and inspire, Nadine Lustre is committed to learn and do more, starting from this green and honest campaign.


If the harrowing onslaught and aftermath of the natural calamities that ravaged the country last year were any indication, there is no sidestepping on the fact that we are facing a climate crisis. As devastating a blow as the powerful and deadly combination of typhoons Quinta, Rolly, and Ulysses were, leaving in its trail a loss of lives and livelihood, it has sparked a more considered conversation on the state of the country and the world in terms of the environment. While the more affected cities are still working to rebuild what was washed away, the movement to advocate, engage, and practice sustainability and eco-consciousness has been set in motion by the more concerned.

“I believe I have a responsibility to the next generations—I will do what I can to raise awareness for a more sustainable future, as well as take concrete action. I begin here—with raising funds for trees. I hope everyone will join me in doing this,” says Nadine Lustre, who is not only known for her penchant for nature and the great outdoors (as evidenced by her impeccably curated Instagram feed), but is actively involving herself in learning more about environmental affairs and climate change. Not just one to sit back and rest after a social media activity, the Wildest Dreams singer is using her massive influence to inform, inspire, and involve an audience to action.

From planning, conceptualization, and execution, Nadine Lustre is working to raise funds to aid the 20-year reforestation project for the Aetas of Yangil, Zambales through For The Future, and Make A Difference (MAD) Travel. In the undertaking aptly called, The Green And Honest By The Numbers Campaign, the goal is to invest and safeguard the natural world with trees, because after all, it is our first line of defense against typhoon-related disasters such as flooding and landslides. Together with Bioten, a natural and sustainable European skincare brand that is thoroughly committed to its eco-conscious practices, Nadine Lustre hopes that through this, the goal to protect and cultivate 3000 hectares of Aeta ancestral domain will be successfully met. This way, the tribe will not only be enriched, but the greater good of the environment will be well taken care of for generations to come.

With their shared values of being green, honesty in how green, and committing to tangible actions towards sustainability, Nadine Lustre and Bioten are pledging 88,000 trees to this environmental endeavor. From the amount collected, which will hopefully be enough to fund 44,000 fruit and forest seedlings (priced at P50 each), Bioten Skin Care will double the number, bringing it to a solid total of 88,000.

It doesn’t take much to see that not only is something wrong with the world, but just like Nadine Lustre has realized, something has to be done. There is absolutely no time to muck around and wait for the Earth to heal, because as it stands, we have razed through our resources and run this planet to the ground that it needs all the attention and care to nurse it back to a vibrant life it deserves. Every act to help matters, no matter how simple or grand, because when stacked up and compounded, it will amount to steps in the right direction and hopefully even actual change in the long run. It’s time to plant a future that is worth living, and that time begins now.

To join this movement, you can make a donation to this cause here through You may also donate directly through the following dedicated For the Future accounts: Unionbank (Maria Margarita Jalandoni 1094 8538 0314) and G-Cash (Maria Margarita Jalandoni 09458318743). For more information on the reforestation project, visit or