Alternative And Indie-Rock filipino artist

These Filipino Artists Should Be On Your Playlist If You Love Alternative And Indie-Rock

A-tier music right there.

Some of the best Filipinos in the Alt/Indie-rock space if we do say so ourselves.

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When we think of Alternative/Indie-Rock music, oversized band T-shirts and converse are aesthetics that come to mind. Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, and Radiohead are classic artists in these genres. But how often do we see people of color in the alternative/indie-rock scene? The space has its fair share of talented artists making waves in the industry, especially when it comes to Filipino artists. Here are three Filipino acts that need to be on your radar in the alternative/indie–rock genre if they aren’t already.


Making the perfect cup of Coffee isn’t Bea’s only specialty. Labeled as a bedroom popstar, beabadoobee is not afraid to write and sing about taboo subjects. If you’re a movie fanatic, you’ll sense her love for movie soundtracks in all the music she writes. Born in Iloilo, beabadobee spent most of her childhood living in England. Alanis Morissette, Elliot Smith, and The Smashing Pumpkins are a few of the artists she cites as her musical inspirations. Through YouTube tutorials, beabadobee self-taught herself how to play the guitar. If you’re seeking to feel like the main character in a movie, you’ll feel like the perfect pair with her!


Currently on a hiatus as of August 2020, this rock trio links their music with their fashion choices. Think of 70s retro fashion with shaggy haircuts. This can be seen in their Hey Barbara music video. They pay homage to the music genre called Manila Sound, a Philippine rock genre consisting of melodic and catchy phrases that many people can dance to.

Some of their modern influences include Tame Impala and Kings of Leon. Despite their 70s-inspired music and fashion choices, IV of Spades does not limit itself to that era. Especially living in a society surrounded by social media, they hope their listeners see the visual experiences of the stories they tell. Even an extended hiatus won’t deny how timeless their music is.


At first, this Filipino-Australian artist gained audiences through his YouTube covers such as Hopelessly Devoted To You and Butter. But when he started to release his own material soon after, that’s when grentperez became the rising star that he is. With The Eagles, Tom Misch, and Daniel Caesar serving as his go-to musical inspirations, grent’s dreamy, meditative voice is made for those wanting to fall asleep to his lullabies or want to take a night drive.

His new EP, Trail Mix Tape, is a culmination of all the genres that grentperez is capable of doing. His songwriting reflects on romance (whether it’s from family or friends) and his nostalgic memories from his adolescent years. A characteristic of alternative/indie-rock music is that it can be driven by guitars followed by bass. Grent does this in every music he releases.

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