7 Fictional Moms Who We Wish Were Real

These are the moms that we hope and aspire to be.

All hail the queen, the giver of life, and the haligi ng tahanan, these are the fictional moms that we wish were real.

It is always fascinating to watch mothers portrayed in pop culture. Whether it be achingly dramatic, laced in comedy, or animated, these slices of life are a beautiful ode to the matriarchs who deserve all the love in the world. Inspired by real life moms who warm the stories we consume with so much heart, these projections are a fascinating and fantastic way to honor the heroes of our lives.

In honor of mother’s day, we’ve rounded up our favorite fictional moms in TV and film that made an impact on our relationship with our mamas IRL and changed our standards of the type of parents we aspire to be someday.

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Charlotte Pickles in Rugrats knows that she’s living in a man’s world, and she made sure that her daughter Angelica will be tough enough to deal with it. She may be always on the phone answering business calls, but being a mom will always come first.



Probably the most popular on this list, Marge Simpson’s big and blue hair has been memorable to most kids and adults growing up. Her sensible wit, undeterred strength, and encompassing empathy is what holds her chaotic household together.



A stay-at-home mom who takes care of her children and manages the household all while looking like THAT, Morticia Addams is the mom we aspire to be. Like what she says, “life’s not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know.”



A mom of three and being a superhero at the same time? Flexibility at its finest (pun intended). Elastigirl has been fighting crime and changing diapers at the same time, but doesn’t let any of it get in the way of what truly matters. Now that is power, just like our own moms.



You’ve heard the line. Mrs. George is not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom and Regina was a little snitch who didn’t deserve her. She offered her daughter’s friends alcohol as long as they didn’t drink outside, and had no problems of Regina hooking up as long as they had condoms (provided by her, of course). The dream.


Drop a more iconic Harry Potter line, we’ll wait. Molly Weasley may look like a sweetheart, but when she duelled Bellatrix Lestrange, never did she hesitate to put her life on the line for her children. Protect the Weasley matriarch at all costs!


Say what you want, but Ina Montecillo of Tanging Ina is the perfect example of a modern Filipino mom. She takes care of her 12 children after three husbands passed away, she works multiple jobs like being a construction worker and even a stripper just to make ends meet yet still makes her children happy.