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Fans React To Ranz And Niana’s First Magazine Cover Shoot


Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero appeared on their first-ever magazine cover with NYLON Manila, and it’s the first time fans are seeing the dancing duo in editorial looks.

In case you missed it, we unveiled the first cover of Ranz and Niana last week, along with a 4-episode behind-the-series of their cover shoot on YouTube. Usually, Ranz Kyle and Niana are seen sporting trendy street style and their barest faces, so naturally, it came as a surprise to all to see them rocking a new look.

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From their editorial beauty looks to the inspiration behind their fashion looks, this milestone for the siblings definitely generated a buzz on social media. Here’s what the fans think of the cover shoot:


dance cover social media reaction bus a groove

A fan commented, requesting for a dance cover inspired by the 1999 game, Bust a Groove 2. It’s a Sony Playstation music and fighting game originally released in Japan, and honestly? We totally see it! The outfits and the vibes from the game exude the same energy as our cover stars.


puffer jacket social media reaction

We all know that a good jacket is worth the investment. How much more a giant puffer jacket, right? No wonder they look expensive.


niana guerrero makeup fans comment

A lot of fans have commented about this totally different side of Ranz and Niana, especially with their makeup looks. That was our goal—to shed them in a different light, but still remain true to their identities.


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Their loyal fans from the beginning were emotional for Ranz and Niana. Growing up in front of their eyes, it’s no surprise that they feel a sense of pride and happiness, seeing the siblings unlock new milestones.


reaction to ranzniana cover shoot

Being a tight-knit family means they are so much more comfortable when they conquer everything together. From celebrating 13 million subscribers on YouTube to being on a fashion magazine cover together, it’s so much better doing it with your partner-in-crime.