5 Reasons Why Fanfiction Writers Should Be Given More Appreciation

Isn't fanfiction just as good as the book you pick up in your local bookstore?

Nothing beats the agony of waiting for your favorite fanfiction writer to update a chapter. But why is it that when people think of fanfiction, they immediately grimace as if the word is something looked down upon?

In fact, fanfiction brings your favorite characters to a bigger world that’s entirely your own. More often than not, it gives the fans the spotlight on their favorite ships to have a story that was never mentioned in the book or the movie. Sure, there are outrageous fanfics on the internet, but there are good ones, too.

The best fanfics are the ones that were well thought of; the one that makes you feel as if it were real. So, let’s give props to the fanfic writers out there that religiously give us content when we need it. Here are 5 reasons why these authors should be given more credit:

1. They’re just as great as your favorite author

Fanfic writers bring your favorite characters to life. In fact, they even write just as long and detailed as your favorite author—perhaps just as canon, too. It could be a series of one-shots or a 10-chapter fanfic that you wait for every week. And because they’re in the same fandom, they would know exactly how to tug at your heartstrings.

2. Their stories are FREE

Fanfiction is accessible on the internet, but the best thing about it is that fanfic writers don’t charge you just to read the story they have worked hard for. The number of times you have asked your fave writer to update and they don’t ask for anything in return is just charity work as it is. Let’s appreciate them for that.

3. They give more depth to the characters

And there are also times when our favorite characters weren’t given enough attention in the book or the movie. Let’s say: Draco Malfoy. He’s the villain archetype in the Harry Potter series, but he could have been a redeemable character. Fanfiction gives him more depth and a character redemption that we never got to see in the series.

4. Fanfic writers are natural multi-taskers

These authors don’t dedicate their whole day just to write fanfics on the internet. Some of these people have school or work five days a week, and yet they see to it that their readers are kept updated as much as they can. These authors don’t get paid—just the fact that their readers enjoy their writing is enough.

5. They keep the ships sailing

Let’s be real: most fanfictions are made for shipping your favorite characters together. When the shows, movies, books (and even celebrities) don’t give the fans enough content, the fanfic writers are the ones who keep the shippers happy and excited. The AUs that these writers come up with are just so creative, we wish it were actually true.

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