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EXO’s SUHO Is Right At Home: “I try to approach life with resilience”

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Rockstar SUHO is going to rock the industry and everyone’s world.

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We aren’t counting, but if we were, we’d say EXO member and solo act SUHO is owning May 2024. He kicked it off with the release of Love You Gradually the OST of the drama, Missing Crown Prince, which he also stars in. That was followed by the inauguration of his solo tour, SU:HOME, and the release of his new EP to top it all off. This May is simply not just SUHO’s birth month, it’s his month; a month-long celebration of his artistry.


Coming two years after the release of Grey Suit, SUHO is finally back with his third EP 1 to 3, and this time, an upgraded version of him comes to the forefront. With the artist’s direct involvement in the album’s concept planning, SUHO is showing new facets. 

The EP’s seven captivating tracks, Mayday, 1 to 3, Cheese (feat. Wendy), Wishful Thinking, Moonlight, Alright Alright (feat. Giriboy), and Zero Gravity, showcase SUHO’s distinct sensibility, marking a breakthrough for him. “It also marks the beginning of a new era of SUHO as an artist,” he tells NYLON Manila.



Not only is he a top-quality vocalist, but he’s also been enthralling everyone with different projects beyond his work with EXO. You might have also watched SUHO in the musical Mozart! and dramas like Behind Your Touch and Missing Crown Prince. In addition to that, the multi-hyphenate artist embarked on his first solo tour in 12 years since his debut, which kicked off in Seoul with a two-night show. It will then be followed by the Manila stop in June, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur in July, and will draw to a close in Jakarta in August.

Aptly titled SU:HOME, it’s not just a show, it will be a place of comfort for the fans and SUHO to be together — a home where the shared experience, connection, and memories will be treasured forever. “If there is such a thing as eternity, it is our story,” he said during his concert in Seoul.

Beyond being the leader and lead vocalist of EXO, he also excels at many other things, including songwriting, dancing, acting in musicals and dramas, and playing electric guitar, which he will be doing at his concerts — and the list just goes on. You name it, SUHO’s got it. Learn more about SUHO in our exclusive interview with him below.

First of all, congratulations on your solo comeback! You previously expressed how nervous you were about the release of your first solo album Self-Portrait. How different is it now?

With the new album, I focused on expanding my musical spectrum while showing off a whole new side of me as an artist. I feel just as nervous and excited about releasing this album as I did with my first solo album!

What story does 1 to 3 tell? Do you think it reflects SUHO’s personality and life well?

In this album, SUHO, who’s in his 30s, reflects on his life and conveys the stories he wants to share through the lens of an astronaut stranded in space. It might sound like a typical rock album, but it also marks the beginning of a new era of SUHO as an artist aiming to show diverse aspects of himself.



Why did you decide to have double title songs? How do these showcase your identity and sensibility?

If I could, I would have picked all the songs as a title track! While 1 to 3 had initially been chosen as the title track, because I loved all the songs, I ultimately decided to release double title tracks by choosing Cheese (feat. Wendy) as the second title track. I felt that a heartfelt love story portrayed in Cheese would especially resonate well with listeners.

Tell us about your involvement in the album. Also, what was it like working with Red Velvet’s Wendy for Cheese

When we were working on Cheese with the songwriters behind Let’s Love and Hurdle, we entertained the idea of collaborating with a female artist. And when the featuring part came into shape, we thought Wendy would be perfect for it. Thankfully, Wendy was thrilled about featuring in the song when we approached her about it. Together, we were able to create a beautiful track. I am immensely grateful to Wendy for her contribution and collaboration!

I saw these lines on the teaser poster: “In his 10s, life was a continuous series of points to learn. In his 20s, life seemed like an endless line to run through. In his 30s, he looked back for the first time and recognized that life is in the form of a question mark.” Is that the exact life you’ve experienced and have been living? 

The lines you referenced… I had jotted them down when conceptualizing the album! SM Wizard Production proposed translating them into English and incorporating them into the album schedule poster. I really liked the idea, and thanks to that, many people could learn about me and my life.



Has your approach to life changed the moment you entered your 30s?

As I enter my 30s, I try to approach life with resilience. In any circumstances, I try to stay resolute rather than being swayed by emotions, which seems like a more mature mindset I’ve cultivated in my 30s.

Being the leader of EXO, you said you’re not the one pulling the cart in the front, nor the one pushing it from behind. That you’re just a person who brings the members together in that cart. Now that you’re on this solo journey of yours, what has this taught you? 

Maintaining a sense of unity is paramount. With two of our younger members being on military duty, EXO hasn’t been as active. But despite that, I have no doubt that EXO is one! “WE ARE ONE!” Plus, I know the members are always rooting for me from near and far. This has been serving as a source of comfort and strength as I embark on my solo career.

Let’s talk about your first solo tour. Why did you name it SU:HOME, and what are you looking forward to experiencing and doing during the tour?

Above all else, I named the tour SU:HOME with the sincere hope that fans would feel like they are coming to my home to relax and have fun. Also, if you move around a punctuation mark, it could be read as “SUHO, ME,” which shows my desire to show you who SUHO is. 

I’m currently working on a guitar performance, which is something I haven’t shown fans before! Beyond the stage performances, I’m also looking forward to engaging with local fans through various events. Exploring famous landmarks and indulging in local traditional cuisine are also on my to-do list.



How would you describe SUHO at this time? 

It feels like there are still many sides of SUHO that I have yet to share with both the public and EXO-L. 

What goals and plans does SUHO have for himself right now? 

I’m looking forward to unveiling different sides of me, one by one, and becoming an artist who can inspire and leave a positive impact.

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