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A Game Of D&D? Donny Pangilinan And Dave Ildefonso Test Their Basketball Skills In Their First Collab

This has been brought to by the letter D.

Donny Pangilinan going 1-on-1 with Dave Ildefonso in the basketball court? Ask, and you shall receive as these two heartthrobs meet on the court for the first time.

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At first glance, it might seem like Donny Pangilinan and Dave Ildefonso are from two different worlds. Donny is one of the hottest stars of today who can act, sing, and dance. As for Dave, he comes from sports royalty and is one of the biggest young basketball stars in the country, as well as a member of Gilas Pilipinas. But when you look beyond the surface, the two share quite a few things in common. One of that being, aside from acting, Donny is also a talented basketball player and used to play varsity when he was studying in Brent. Donny and Dave are also internet sensations with legions of fans. With all that said, the basketball aficionados got to test their skills in a head-to-head challenge on the court.


As part of Clear’s All-Day Unstoppable Challenge, Donny was tasked to take on a real baller to check if his B-ball skills are really up to the task. And his opponent was none other than ADMU Blue Eagles star Dave Ildefonso. The two had 10 minutes to one up the other in a game of H.O.R.S.E. As expected, Dave was a natural pro in the game, though Deib Enrile was no slouch either. But above all, the two looked like they were having fun, which is whole spirit of the game. We’re just going to assume that Dave and Donny are now basketball besties who hopefully shoot some hoops together every now and then.

The whole video was like watching an episode of Slam Dunk as the two six-foot players showcased their impressive basketball skills. And of course, just seeing Donny and Dave together was a feast for the visual senses. Donny and Deib in the same frame? Yes, it’s finally a reality. This also will probably be one of the few times you’ll see Donny Pangilinan look short in a video given how tall Dave is.

We’ll be hoping the full 10-minute game of this unexpected, but very much welcome collab gets released. Now, the only thing we need now is for Donny and Dave to have a full length game against one another. It could be like Donny and friends vs. UAAP basketball players. That’s a game we would pay to see.

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Check out their mini match below. And, if you’re interested in seeing more of the cast of He’s Into Her shoot some hoops, Kaori Irving aka Kaori Oinuma recently posted a video of her playing basketball with River Joseph and Argel Saycon.

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