dolly de leon golden globes

Dolly De Leon Channels An Edgy Morticia Addams At The Golden Globes And She Looks Badass

From her designer to stylist, Dolly knew they had to be Filipino.

Is it just us or is Dolly De Leon at the Golden Globes giving us Julia Fox?

It’s rare seeing red carpet looks that aren’t toned down or far from the glam template nowadays. Not until Filipina breakout actress (which is long overdue, BTW) Dolly De Leon walked in. The moment she stepped on the Golden Globe Awards red carpet for her nomination as Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, everyone’s TL and feeds went feral. Channeling an edgy Morticia Addams, Dolly wore a leatherette corseted gown with ruched tulle details and opera gloves that add to the drama of it all. Obviously, all eyes were on her—because mother has finally arrived.

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Remember when Dolly said, “I find comfort in the thought that every Filipino is with me on this journey” that one time? She’s been walking the talk and we’re fortunate enough to see her dominate Hollywood all while championing her home all over the world. Her stylist, LJ Perez, whose clientele includes Doja Cat, Lizzo, and Barbie Ferreira, is a New York-based Filipino creative. Meanwhile, her stunning gown was made by Norman de Vera, the Filipino designer that leads AZ Factory, is based in Paris. Really, it’s a Bayanihan thing Western people wouldn’t understand.

From minor roles in Shake, Rattle and Roll III to being nominated for her performance in the satirical comedy Triangle of Sadness, Dolly De Leon really said, “another one thank you.” To some, her Golden Globes look might seem “inappropriate” as she veered away from ball gowns and opted for a vampy direction, but the message is hidden in plain sight. Dolly De Leon is the dark horse of Philippine Cinema and she’s taking us with her to Hollywood and beyond.

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