Dickies Philippines Avril Lavigne

The Workwear Brand That Avril Lavigne Loved Wearing is Back in Manila

There's a reason why the Sk8r Boi era was huge.

Dickies is back with a vengeance and we are here for it. The brand has been worn by several music icons like Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, and even TLC.


Music and pop culture were the key elements in catapulting the brand into mainstream consciousness way back when. Its tough yet laidback vibe has always resonated with most of its most loyal fans growing up. Take for example Avril Lavigne who wore Dickies religiously during her Sk8r Boi era. It was a major milestone for the brand, considering their scope then involved mostly men, and the likes of rappers such as Tupac, N.W.A., and Eminem. Don’t deny it, at some point, you wanted your own Dickies, too.

dickies philippines
Stylist Florian Trinidad Wears Dickies

In the Philippines, Dickies became a staple over the years, especially because of the affordable price tag and stand-alone stores. Let’s not forget about the local skate culture as well. As staple as it is, the brand has since seen a shift, which prompted a reintroduction of a bigger legacy that the brand has always championed: classic workwear.

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Dickies Philippines
Hiphop artist Omar Baliw wears Dickies

Despite the major overhaul in the fashion industry and retail landscape in this pandemic, Dickies Philippines took a step forward in changing the game by moving to e-commerce and repositioning themselves as a heritage brand (beginning with personalities they’ve tapped such as Florian Trinidad and Omar Baliw). All the products are now shoppable on Lazada, including different reiterations of their comfortable work wear jeans that they’ve been known for. Classic staples such as the coveralls, oxford shirts and logo tees can also be found online. The local streetwear scene is definitely a huge playground for the brand—the perfect time to make a comeback.

Dickies tupac
Tupac wearing Dickies overalls

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