8 Of The Details That Make Kathryn Bernardo’s New Home A Dream-Come-True

8 Details That Make Kathryn Bernardo’s New Home A Dream-Come-True

The kind of house you wanna stay in 24/7, TBH.

Kathryn Bernardo made her dream home come to life, and these details have us dreaming of it, too.

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A house? In this economy? Well, yes! Kathryn Bernardo checks off another win in her life as she recently christened her new dream home—a spacious, contemporary, and green-filled house in Rizal that’s the stuff of modern fairytales. It’s got a fresh, contemporary interior, a pool, a huge backyard, a slide, lots of light and art, stunning views, and so much more. What a dream.

The young actress has been working on the house with LINO Architecture for years now, making it reflective of her tastes and preferences, and this year, she’s officially moved in. Through her team and guests, we got a glimpse of some of the features, details, and decor of Kathryn’s house that have us ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Check them out below.


screencap from ig/gideonhermosa

Big windows, big doorways, big outdoor spaces…they all allow for what is arguably a non-negotiable for many people: good light. Kathryn’s house, though boasting plenty of shade due to all the greenery, also seems to let a good amount of light in, keeping the spaces bright and photoshoot-ready at all times.


People have different preferences for their home. Some people like it big and sprawling, and some people like it cozy and easy to maintain. Kathryn’s new house seems to be a balance of both, with plenty of space to host guests—like during her star-studded housewarming—and plenty of room for her to make use of as time goes by.


kathryn bernardo new house


From the house’s entrance to the backyard, all the green that fills up the space of the Bernardo home is a delight to see. It’s relaxing, stress-relieving, and just downright beautiful, among other benefits. When Kathryn hosted her housewarming, with a long banquet table in the backyard surrounded by so many lights and plants, it looked like it was straight out of a fairytale. The setup was the brainchild of events stylist Gideon Hermosa and his team, and they killed it, highlighting and enhancing the features of the house.


screencap from ig/gideonhermosa

We wonder if Kathryn’s friends have been texting her can I come over just to hang out? after seeing her house. We can’t blame them! The bar alone is restaurant-worthy, stocked, spacious, and totally ready for a party.


For the kids and kids-at-heart. If you’re not feeling like taking the stairs, no worries! Kathryn’s house features a huge red slide that runs right beside a staircase—for the days where you just need a quick pick-me-up (or a speedier way down).


screencap from ig/gideonhermosa

Speaking of stairs, the main staircase in the entryway or living room is a wide, winding staircase reminiscent of grand mansions and palaces—but with a modern twist. The smooth, dark wooden stringers and glass panels are clean and contemporary without being boring. It’s right next to an elevator, too, moving up and down the three floors. No biggie.



Treehouses make us immediately think of the “Drake, where’s the door hole?” scene from Drake & Josh, but anyway, this treehouse in Kathryn’s huge backyard is the pinnacle of wish-fulfillment—and we don’t just mean for kids. The treehouse is elegantly built, perfect for when one needs some peace, quiet, and a cozy place to relax.


kathryn bernardo new house dream house


From the entrance door to under the staircase, paintings and artwork decorate Kathryn’s home. A mix of traditional art and contemporary sculpture, like a commissioned silvery abstract piece from artist Jinggoy Buensuceso, makes the areas of her house stylish and aesthetically-pleasing, perfect for the young artist.

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