Decoding Different Orders of Makeup Application, According To Beauty Gurus

What works for you?

We’re breaking down these tutorials from our favorite content creators in search of that picture-perfect routine.

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Does your makeup mysteriously disappear throughout the day? It’s an obvious one, but your makeup order is probably wrong. It’s possible even when we’ve been following the exact same steps from YouTube beauty gurus circa 2015. With different daily routines, living spaces, and skin concerns, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the correct order of makeup application. What works for someone in a makeup tutorial might not necessarily be your best bet.

Now, the question remains: what is the correct order for applying makeup? From baseless base routines to tons of setting spray, we’re breaking down these tutorials from our favorite content creators in search of that picture-perfect routine.

Skincare is Non-Negotiable


SKIN PREP 101 Products used: Toner – Nars Light Reflecting Multi-action Treatment Lotion Hydrating serum – MAC Hyper Real Serumizer Eye cream – Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Eye Cream Moisturizer – La Mer Cool Gel Cream (i have other affordable faves i can reco too!!) Sunscreen – snailwhite everyday glow sunscreen Lip care – laneige lip sleeping mask

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It doesn’t matter what makeup routine you follow, but skincare is non-negotiable. Before any makeup touches your skin, your canvas needs to be clean. Start with your skincare routine, including cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. It’s the foundation for a smooth, hydrated base that will hold your makeup flawlessly.

The Old School Formula

@tereedaisuke Beginner’s Guide about basic makeup steps 🥰💖 #makeup #makeuptutorial #beginnersguidetomakeup ♬ original sound – Teree Daisuke

The old-school formula for applying makeup has stood the test of time as a reliable method to achieve a flawless look. If you’ve binge-watched Bretman Rock, James Charles, and NikkieTutorials on YouTube, you will know that this routine emphasizes a sequence of essential steps and makeup must-haves. It starts with a primer to prepare the skin, followed by foundation for an even canvas. Concealer conceals blemishes, while setting powder and setting sprays make sure that your makeup is locked and long-lasting.

Then again, what works for someone in a makeup tutorial might not necessarily be your best bet. I remember my Cassie Howard days of waking up early to finish this routine before school, only for the makeup look to slide by lunchtime. The thing is, it doesn’t work for every skin type, especially in the hot and humid school environment in the Philippines. If you’re a naturally sweaty and oily person like me, there are other routines that work wonders for your daily makeup.

Baseless Base Routine

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As the name suggests, foundation is the foundation of your makeup. Now, what happens when this traditional step takes a back seat in many people’s routines? With busy schedules and the trending ‘no-makeup makeup look,’ lightweight alternatives such as skin tints, color correctors, and concealers have gained favor for their ability to provide coverage without the cakey feeling throughout the day. Not to mention, the shift towards skincare-focused regimens has allowed people to achieve a glowing complexion, reducing the reliance on heavy foundation. Still, it’s all about the coverage and glam look you’re aiming for. Just do you, girl!

Two Layers and Tons of Setting Spray

@stxph.h Powder after setting spray is the key step..omg obsessed with my new base routine #baseroutine #makeuptutorial #makeuphacks ♬ original sound – stephhui

If you feel the need for all those products, it will boil down to your makeup application. This content creator suggests applying your foundation, concealer, and the rest of your base makeup in one step. By simplifying your routine in this way, you not only save time but also achieve a more cohesive and blended look that can withstand the rigors of the day. It’s a reminder that makeup is not just about what you use, but also about the techniques you employ to make the most of those products.

Makeup for Men

@jadhaily Replying to @Meow Leo NO FOUNDATION makeup for men tutorial! + punas proof technique! #BeautyPH #JadhVlog #mensmakeup ♬ Quirky Suspenseful Indie-Comedy(1115050) – Kenji Ueda

Inclusivity in the beauty world is on the rise, and makeup is no longer limited to women. With more men embracing their go-to routines, starting with the basics is often their best bet. To cater to this shift, beauty content creators have introduced makeup routines tailored for men, demolishing stereotypes and redefining societal standards. These routines have a strong emphasis on enhancing natural features, achieving a fresh and radiant look.

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