Daisy Edgar-Jones Gets Dolled Up In This Landmark Fashion Reveal

Wonder what Connell's Chain has to say about this?

Far from the persona of Marianne in Normal People, Daisy Edgar-Jones joins the unique story of Simone Rocha in this delightfully feminine collaboration.


For the most part, it is extremely challenging to find a good in the distressing year that has come to pass. Pummeled by constant changes and significant shifts, people have been tethered to the consistency of family and friends, as well as of the many facets of entertainment that consumed our time in lockdown, isolation, and quarantine. One of the breakouts of 2020 came quite early into it and yet it still remains seared in our stream of consciousness to this day. A complex and compelling narrative of relationships and the human spirit, Normal People has charmed the world over, catapulting its stars, Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones to superstardom seemingly overnight. (Let’s be real, that’s the amount of time it took you to pore through the heart aching, soul crushing, and gut-wrenching story of Connell and Marianne.)

Living at a time where one would tend to argue on what is normal, we have since been seeking ways to stand upright, despite being swayed and shaken by the circumstances of the world. Despite the very fabric of fashion being wrung beyond its capacity, fashion has stood its ground, powering forward amid the limits that have been set. One of the collaterals of style spectrum was the anticipated H&M designer collaboration, which has had to work around the pandemic, but finally, it sees the light of day.

“I am so thrilled to be working with H&M on this very special collection. It truly is a celebration of the signatures of my brand, and the influences that have shaped me. As a designer, and as a customer, I’ve been such a fan of the H&M collaboration concept. Margiela, Alber Elbaz, Comme des Garçons—it’s such an amazing list of alumni to be a part of,” expresses Simone Rocha, the bright light of London high-street fashion. “Being able to do something and share it with so many people across all ages, all sizes, all nationalities, it was really important for me that the collection brought femininity, strength, and modernity.”

Known for her distinct feminine point-of-view, one that decidedly skews from the sedate sensibilities of London, Simone Rocha strikes this landmark collaboration with H&M, a first for an Irish designer to do so. As she takes over the mantle that many known fashion forces have done before her, Simone Rocha celebrates her inter-ethnic heritage and the myriad of inspirations that have defined the trajectory of her label. Taking from the traditions and crafts of Hong Kong to the great lessons of art history, the collection will see everything from poetic silhouettes, decadent embellishments and embroideries, swoops of dainty bows, introductions of florals and tartan, and an assortment of sustainably-sourced materials, which was a definite draw for the Dublin-born designer. “A company like H&M has a much bigger footprint than something like Simone Rocha, so yes, sustainability for us came into the fabrications. We were able to use an organic cotton, recycled polyester, a new compostable yarn. Actually, it was very interesting to see what could translate, and I think people will be surprised by the quality when they see it,” she details in a statement. “So I hope it will be special enough to want to wear forever.”

The effervescent and enchanting Daisy Edgar-Jones is a sight to behold in the behind-the-scenes of the collection, which sees an inclusive and diverse assemblage of figures to breathe beautiful life into the collaboration. Together with the likes of Adwoa and Kesewa Aboah, as well as of Michael Ward, which truly makes the undertaking feel like a community more than anything else. “There’s a real community feel,  and a family feel, and I feel very happy to be involved in that,” says Daisy Edgar-Jones who is clad in a white puffed-sleeve button-down with sequin band, pearl collar details, and decorated black bows clipped to her hair. “I feel that her clothes are made for everyone and I think more fashion should be like that.”

The collection, which launches worldwide on March 11, 2021, is not only a study of the brand’s past 10 years, but also a proposition of its future, which includes menswear and children’s fashion. “Looking at my first collections, I did a lot of cross-pollinating between femininity and masculinity: brogues, tailoring, cropped trousers, trench coats. I didn’t want to do ‘Simone Rocha frivolity for men,’” she says of her fashion exploration in a conversation with Vogue. “I stripped it back, so it became about practicality, ease. I translated my Aran knits into cotton yarn, some with pearl embroidery. I just wanted it to be boyish, cool, and real.” The result is a commitment that really bolsters that idea of family that the designer considers a core of her brand. “I really hope there is something for everyone—every woman, every guy, the whole family,” Simone Rocha concludes.

“When I realized that I could be a designer was the way that I could actually translate emotion, thought, perspective, narrative through clothes,” the designer contemplates at the sneak peek into the collaboration. A clear parallel to the pervading purpose of Daisy Edgar-Jones, it definitely makes the most sense that they come together for this revelation. Quiet on the onset, but brimming with so much stories tucked within, you will want this extension to be a part of you, for sure.

Now, who’s in the mood for a Normal People re-watch?