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An Impulse Of The Mind And Music, Curtismith Gets In Depth With His Art In Museo


In his continued pursuit to push his passion further and to transcend boundaries, Curtismith is set to take you on more than just a musical journey with his latest artistic effort, Museo.

“I do it for the love of the music, not your approval,” writes singer, rapper, and songwriter, Curtismith on Instagram. If there is anyone who lives, breathes, and feels this credo, it would be Mito Fabie, the man behind the moniker in the indie music scene. In his significant gains and tractions, with EPs such as Failing Forward and Soully Yours among many other endeavors, he has carved a space for himself in the industry without losing grip on his vision. Unlike many other aggressive attempts at artistry, the rhythm and lyrics of lays itself gently to the listener, considered in its persistent pursuit of passion. Continuing this practice, Curtismith weaves power and relatability in Museo, his dream of an effort where the artistry he is now known for continues to grow.

Fusing visual art and music, the collaborative exhibit is best described as a unique sonic experience that highlights the words of Curtismith with the works of 17 artists. Housed in Pintô Art Museum, the musical narrative is told in parallel with the visceral feeling of each visual interpretation, depicting the journey of Curtismith “as a Filipino living in contradiction and questioning identity.” Where multiple comes together, the full force of this undertaking is felt in more ways than one, blending sound, image, and meaning, all of which blurs into a resonant whole.


The Dream Is Yours, Too

Never one to rest on easy and what is standard, Curtismith continues to push himself creatively in Museo. Here, he hopes to transcend boundaries, affecting more than just a singular sense, eventually threading a connection with each visitor who steps into Pintô Art Museum. While a temporary setup, this also functions as a conscious disconnection that seeks to piece the fragments of frustration that are constantly hammered by our realities.

As is at the very core of art, there is no strict interpretation here. Whether it be from the source, where the featured artists chose “lyrical lines, harmonic strands, or musical passages they wanted to engage with,” or the lens of the viewer, the intention is to be as free as possible to see, hear, and feel. The composition of inspired works, as curated by Cris Villanueva Jr., featuring the assemblage of Candice Arellano, Argie Bandoy, Anna Bautista, Ranelle Dial, Sandra Fabie-Gfeller, Dex Fernandez, Auggie Fontanilla, Romeo Lee, Ferdie Montemayor, Bea Nazareno, Jono Pisano, King Puentespina, Pogs Samson, Duane Villanueva, Cris Villanueva Jr., Reg Yuson, and Jeona Zulueta, traipses on everything from the figurative, abstract, surreal, and well, traditional. “While the paintings are not related stylisitically and thematically, they provide the visual ambiance in which the songs are (an)notated wth shape, color, and form,” the museum statement reads.

Acutely aware of the acoustic and the artistic, Curtismith, together with Pintô Art Museum and the Crwn-led Pool Records, allow you to go through your own process of comprehension in Museo. As universal as art is, it is also highly personal—and this is what the movement of the mind and music wants to take you in Museo. Curtismith prepared for this dream, now he invites you to make it yours, too.

The exhibition will open on July 13, 2021, Tuesday at the Auditorium, Pinto Academy, Pintô Art Museum, 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo, and will run until July 25. After playing exclusively at the exhibit, Museo debuts and streams to public after.

(Photos courtesy of Curtismith’s Instagram, Art in featured photo by Pogs Samson)