Create Next: Here’s How the Converse All Stars are Upholding What They Stand For

These All Stars are showing what it's like to Create Next for the future.

Advocating for a great cause is one thing, but doing so with the Create Next mindset intensifies our actions even more

When it comes to talking about the heroes of the future, it’s the youth of today that enters everyone’s minds. It’s because our generation’s the one that speaks volumes about a multitude of advocacies spanning from one end of the spectrum to the other. We use whatever platform and opportunity we can get to amplify our voices for the betterment of ourselves, our generation, and the next. This is why having the Create Next mentality, something that the Converse All Stars embody, is important to get all our messages across.

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A true classic

All Star Keano

Converse has been with us for countless years now. They just get us–our style and what we want to project. Having a brand that stands by our side is definitely something we want to keep around for a long period of time. They have remained loyal to us, and vice versa.

However, not everyone’s aware that Converse doesn’t just present itself as a brand, but as a community that promotes inclusivity. The Converse All Stars consists of those who wholeheartedly embrace their individuality through their creativity, talent, and passion. Being an open space has provided the Converse All Stars to cross borders and garner at least 3,000 wild and crazy talented human beings from different walks of life in cities all over the world, all of whom emulate the Create Next behavior.

Dance it out

With how creative and imaginative the Converse All Stars are, it’s inevitable that they find different ways to turn up the volume even more. One of which is through the power of the Create Next Dance. While All Stars such as Dora Dorado, Alec Kevin, Dan Delgado, Keano Aniban, and Mae Mae Gomez have their own personal advocacies, they all come together to incorporate their talent in dance and its key message of inspiring everyone to keep moving.

This artform emphasizes each Converse All Star’s thirst for a positive change in what they stand for. Through this creative outlet, they invite everyone to do the same so we can also ignite the fire for our own meaningful advocacies.

Create Next with these All Stars, and find out more about how you can amplify your own voice by following Converse on Facebook and Instagram.