This New Converse Collection Celebrates Pride And Boundless Expression


Looking to celebrate Pride Month in style? Look no further than this new vibrant collection by Converse that will let you express yourselves on your own terms.

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Every year, the month of June stands out for its vibrant colors and its celebration of the diversity and unapologetic beauty of human expression and identity. A time to be loud and proud, Pride Month brings together the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies to advance the cause of creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone to live their truths to the fullest.

Amplifying this important advocacy is Converse’s latest collection and campaign, which not only celebrates queer power but also encourages individuals to express themselves on their own terms. With its Proud to Be campaign this year, the popular American lifestyle brand has curated just the ideal selection of shoes that will empower you to slay the Pride season in style.


Converse embraces the limitless nature of the queer community, embodying a vast spectrum of liberating, unapologetic, boundless, and diverse experiences. This is why the brand’s Proud to Be campaign this year aims to showcase the vibrance of the individuals that form this community. Each silhouette in Converse’s 2023 Pride collection boasts a unique aesthetic, crafted to harmonize with any personal style and serve as a canvas for self-expression.

Informing and inspiring the campaign this year are LGBTQIA+ artists, allies, and personalities that Converse Philippines believes powerfully exemplify the fearless and expansive community.  Among them are Miss International Queen Fuschia Ann Ravena, drag queen Brigiding, actor and filmmaker Fifth Solomon, DJ Kate Jagdon, writer-stylist Angelo De Cartagena, and influencers Antonio Estevens, Kush Obusan, and Shainna Gayle, who have all taken pride in their unapologetic, unashamed, and extraordinary voices.

The Proud to Be product collection is a testament to progress, symbolized by the stitching of the iconic Progress Pride flag onto the tongue of each shoe. While united by this powerful symbol, every silhouette in the collection stands boldly on its own, embodying individuality and self-expression. What makes it even more special is that these designs were proudly crafted by LGBTQIA+ employees and allies at Converse, ensuring an authentic representation of the community’s creativity and style. To meet the needs of the diverse community, Converse also listened to their feedback and expanded the range of sizing options available.

Within this remarkable collection, you’ll find an array of dazzling choices. The lineup includes the dynamic Run Star Legacy CX, the luxurious Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel, the versatile Chuck 70 Plus, the timeless Chuck 70, the elevated Chuck Taylor All Star Lift, and the classic Chuck Taylor All Star. Alongside these phenomenal footwear options, there’s also a captivating selection of apparel to complete your pride-inspired ensemble. Each silhouette boasts its own unique embellishments, whether it’s the Pride laces intricately weaving through the Run Star Legacy CX, the vibrant rainbow outsoles anchoring the Chuck 70 Plus, or the dazzling chunky glitter upper adorning the newly introduced Chuck 70 De Luxe Heel.

Looking to make a stylish statement this Pride Month? The Converse Proud to Be Collection is available on and Converse stores nationwide.

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