Meet CMagic5, The Filipino-Canadian Singer Who Was Born For The Stage

Real talent and a heart of gold.

CMagic5 is an emerging triple threat who can sing, act, and dance. She also uses her platform for mental health awareness and other charitable causes.

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For some musicians, they find their calling at a later stage in life. In fact, some didn’t initially imagine seeing themselves have a full-time career in music. But for CMagic5, you could say she was meant to perform since she was in diapers. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, this young artist began her life in music by joining a variety of musical theatre productions, dance performances, and vocal competitions. By the time she was 10, she was already composing her own songs and wrote her first song, Destiny’s Calling. Soon, CMagic5 would embark on a solo career that has seen her flex her singing, dancing, and writing skills. She dropped her debut album Ready To Run this 2021 and has a few hits under her belt including The One and her most recent single Dancing on My Heart.

Despite the talent that this young Filipino-Canadian radiates, CMagic5 admits that she was bullied growing up. But that didn’t stop her. In fact, a notable thing about her is that she uses her platform to promote anti-bullying causes, mental health awareness, and other noble causes. Armed with a rich and soulful voice, a level of professionalism tht belies her age, and the belief in helping others, CMagic5 is aiming to be one of the next big pop stars of her generation. NYLON Manila got the chance to talk to CMagic5 about her life, career, and much more. Read our interview with her below.

How did you come up with the stage name CMagic5?

CM5: I came up with the name when I was really young. I’d always be singing, dancing, and acting around the house. And I always see these amazing performers on TV and having a super cool stage name. So, I knew that one day, you know, I wanted to be a performer have a stage name for myself. The C corresponds to the initials of my first name, which will be revealed sometime in the future. The five is my lucky number, because I was born on the fifth day of the fifth month. And the magic is because I’ve always wanted my listeners to experience magic through music. And, you know, it really is that universal language that I want people to experience through my music.

So, how would you say music got into your life?

CM5: I like the way you worded that because I would say music definitely chose me. My dad actually started playing music in the house when I was really, really young, like, even as a baby and I just, you know, pick up certain beats and stuff. And I knew it clicked in me. At the time, I didn’t know what it was, like, I didn’t know songwriting and stuff like that. But I would always just write lyrics about anything that inspired me.

Also, it started with a lot of Broadway and theater performances. Growing up, I do a lot of these summer Broadway performances where I played lead roles in major productions, such as The Lion King and Shrek. And from then I just kept doing what I was doing. I love performing and making people feel good through my music. So, I just kept dancing, acting, singing wherever I could, whenever I had the opportunity, like at a little house party having little living room shows.

For people who haven’t heard of you yet, how would you describe your style?

CM5: I would describe my sound as pop, contemporary pop, with a refreshing blend of modern, futuristic sounds, but also some old-school vibes in there, in terms of having a touch of rock. I’m a lover of all genres. I do write pop music, but something that I think differentiates my music is incorporating elements of other genres into it. So, I’d have like pop-rock, maybe, you know, pop with some reggaeton in it. I always love exploring different styles, but having that one sound that defines me, so I love playing around with styles like that.

So, would you describe your sound this may be experimental?

CM5: At times, yes. Because I do try to incorporate certain things that, you know, haven’t really been done before. But it’s not completely different. Like, I do want to have something that, you know, listeners have heard before, but also something that is fresh and new. And that, I think, is what makes my music different kind of every time it’s like, it’s same but different. So, it’s a little kind of contrast.

Could you talk about your Filipino roots?

CM5: I do have [Filipino roots] in my ancestry and actually here, I have some really close friends that we get together [around] Christmas time and stuff, and they’re all Filipino. It’s great. Yeah, you know, the songs have also been doing really well in the Philippines. I just want to say thank you so much to the Philippines for listening to my music. You guys rock and I love you guys. So, yeah, I do have some Filipino in my ancestry on my grandparents’ side.

When you write down your lyrics, how would you differentiate between good lyrics written about hearing?

CM5: That’s a very good question. First things first, I always let out whatever I’m feeling. I don’t judge myself right away, because I’m a big believer in the idea that no emotion is wrong. Maybe they can be worded differently, or in a way that makes more sense to the music. But whatever you’re feeling, and whatever comes out first, I think those are your, you know, most natural and most authentic thoughts. So when you’re not trying to push for something, when it comes out naturally, I think that’s what you have to capture right away.

And then according to the music, if you feel like it kind of rolls off the tongue easily. If it’s singable I love to have, you know, music that you can sing along to dance to and then from there, kind of go through a process of elimination and how to kind of cut out some ideas and replace certain words. But the idea is never lost, or the emotions always going to be there, even if you choose to kind of edit some words here and there for lyrics.

Would you say then that you don’t really like to filter yourself?

CM5: Yes. You know, I used to [filter mylsef] for a long time, I would say, growing up being bullied, I think that’s kind of what I’ve done to myself in order to kind of fit in. I’ll put quotes around and just be accepted by people around me. But as I’m getting older, what I’m learning is that you don’t need to filter yourself. Because if other people can’t accept you for who you are, then what’s the point? Right, I don’t think they’re worth it. You just have to be yourself. And as hard as it may be. At the end of the day, people who accept you for who you are, they’re the ones that you want to hang on to.

Do you ever get a fear that you’re being too raw for the audience?

CM5: Initially, yes. When I’m reading sometimes, I just let myself out. Let my emotions out. Then there’s sometimes a point where I question myself. I’m like, is this what people really want to be hearing about? Is this too honest? Am I being too vulnerable right now? I do question myself. So, I’m not gonna lie about that I do. But then I told myself, I think that’s what you know, listeners might want to hear because when you’re authentic, and you’re original, I think maybe that’s how listeners are able to connect and relate.

Maybe other people are going through the same thing. And so I think that’s what you know, stands out in certain songwriter styles, right? So when they’re able to tell a story and be honest about it, and then also have that sense of empowerment because I always want to try to make my music empowering. There’s enough that goes on in this world. So I do want to provide a sense of hope and inspiration for people at the end of the day through my music.

How did your participation in anti-bullying campaigns come about?

CM5: I always love when these organizations, little companies, reach out to me. I’m a big believer in, you know, being there for other people, because then you’re able to inspire so many people when you collaborate with others and things like that. So, I definitely love working with the mental health organizations that I’m working with, as well as bullying prevention organizations, because I think we really need to work on breaking the stigma of this idea of not being okay all the time, and that’s totally fine.

It’s okay not to be okay. And I think I want a lot of my listeners to know that. That’s something I also tried to kind of wring out through my music, as well as knowing that, you know, you’re never alone. And there are people that are going to bring you down. But know that there are also people there that are waiting to pick you up. So, just have to keep the faith and stay strong.

What do you want to say to potential future fans of CMagic5?

CM5: So, for future fans, I would say, I love making music. I’m a very open person to talk to. Definitely, whenever you feel like it, just reach out, you know, my DMs are open. I try to respond to as many people as I can. So, I’m there for you. Just know that I’m very shy at first, but when you get to know me, I am very quirky and loud, and can be annoying sometimes. But hey, that’s just me.

What would you recommend should the first song new fans of CMagic5 should listen to?

CM5: I would say that if you haven’t heard any of my music before, take a listen to Dancing on my Heart. I think this song truly kind of encapsulates my artistic style. And it shows my artistic evolution from you know, just the previous song to this one. So I’ve grown in so many ways, artistically musically, this one I feel truly captures my sound and the kind of motivation behind it.

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