Clinton Kane Is Ready For His Homecoming In Manila

Putting his heart front and center.

From posting on YouTube to performing on the gobal stage, Filipino-Norwegian Clinton Kane is bringing the feels all over the world. 

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In hindsight, Clinton Kane’s whole life has been about going global. His multiracial background of being Filipino-Norwegian complemented how he grew up in different parts of the world from the UK to Australia. In his teen years, Clinton packed his bags for a spontaneous trip that took him to places like Santorini. But despite his experience with different parts of the world, Clinton didn’t expect that he would become a global sensation. 

Like many of his contemporaries, he started on YouTube posting coves. Those early covers though showcased the talent that was in this self-taught singer-songwriter. Soon, Clinton landed a deal with a major record label and unleashed onto the world a string of global hits that cut right deep into the heart. 2021 and 2022 have been banner years for Clinton. And now, the young star is currently on a world tour, one that’s taking him to Manila this December 3. It’s a show Clinton is more than excited to play. 


“It feels honestly very full circle,” shares Clinton Kane in an interview with NYLON Manila. “Even though I didn’t really grow up there, it just feels refreshing thinking about it, like going back there. I’m excited to go back there and just sing my heart out.” 

The last time Clinton was in Manila was back in 2018 for a two-month stay. Four years and several hit singles later, the artist is more than ready for this homecoming as he plays to his Filipino fans. “[The show is] going to be sick, it’s going to be amazing. I’ve been working on this specific show for two months straight every single day.” Fans of the young musician know that his music can bring the listener on a ride. And that is what he’s bringing to his concert. 

“It’s gonna be a roller coaster of emotions. From crying to dancing to laughing, it’s gonna be everything. And every single night, I lose my voice because I put my heart out on stage and I put everything into everything I do.” Aside from performing in Manila, Clinton also has eating Filipino food on his itinerary. His favorite? The classic, pork sinigang. 


Going on tour can be a grueling feat, both mentally and physically. The pace of performing your heart out in multiple shows a week does take its toll. For Clinton, it’s the lull after an adrenaline-pumping concert that gets to him. “When I leave that room, I’m in my hotel. And I’m like a normal person again, and it’s so weird. Like really, like messes up my head.” Clinton is not living the rock and roll lifestyle on tour. In fact, he spends most of his free time off-stage in his hotel room working. 

But despite all that, he still looks forward to performing each so, especially with his, shall we say, unique warm-up routine. “I have a warm-up with my vocal coach. And then we meditate for a little bit with the in the band, just to kind of like calm down. Then I take a shot, and then I chug on Red Bull. And then I’m like, all over the place.” 

In general, Clinton Kane has been enjoying his time on the road, especially now that he feels more confident given that this is his third tour. “I have a little bit more experience from the last two, knowing how to pace myself and like routines, I need to follow so I can be sane. And, like, all this stuff, I mean, I feel great.”


From his humble YouTube beginnings to his status as a rising star, Clinton Kane is living the life. If he isn’t scoring singles that receive hundreds of millions of streams like I GUESS I’M IN LOVE, he’s celebrating career milestones like the release of his debut album, MAYBE SOMEDAY IT’LL BE OKAY, which dropped earlier this year. It’s a moment Clinton is still trying to process. “I haven’t I haven’t been taken all. I haven’t taken the time to process it even if I should. You know, I haven’t been taking the time to think about like, how everything is going and people are buying tickets and coming to the show and everything, but it feels pretty amazing.”

The success is even more impressive considering that Clinton didn’t initially see himself as a musician. In an alternate planet Earth, there is a Dr. Clinton Kane. “I was either going to be a cardiologist or a travel blogger. Like I wanted to go travel and write about it. And like put it on websites and stuff. I had no idea. I would be here right now. But I’m very happy and very grateful.”

The catalyst that led to this career change came about because writing music affected Clinton on a deeper level. “I think after the first song I wrote, I was just like, ‘this is all I’m gonna do for the rest of my life.’ I don’t care what I need to do to make this happen. This is all I’m going to do. And then when that happened, it just kind of fell in my lap and it was amazing.” It was indeed amazing as the world was treated to Clinton’s signature sound of moving beats with honest lyricism. That actually is one of Clinton’s main strengths. 

His ability to pen deep lyrics that touch the heart is something else. Even if he names a track Chicken Tendies, it sounds like a track that will move you to its core. Clinton’s penchant to pen down lyrics that are more real than real is something he isn’t quite sure where it comes from. Though, he does have his guesses. “I’m pretty much an open book, and I pretty much like, I have no filter. I tell you how I feel all the time. So maybe that probably helps.” And while Clinton is honest in his music, he also knows when he’s crossing a line. It happened twice in fact where he needed to change the lyrics because it got a little bit too real.  


Clinton Kane is not asking much from his fans in Manila during the concert. All he wants is for them to have an open mind about the show he worked tirelessly to prepare. “I’d be playing a lot of new songs. And it’s a very different sound. But the same emotion, same feeling, same sad stuff. I just hope they come in with an open mindset. I mean, just see what I’ve been feeling these days and what I want to share with the world.” 

And while the debate on concert etiquette on whether or not to use your phone during a concert continues to rage on, Clinton doesn’t have a preference. “There’s no judgment on my part. They can do whatever they want because they paid for the ticket. I’m just there to sing my heart out and do what I do best.”

Though if he does have a preference, it is in what he feels is the best seats in the house, the floor. “I don’t like be sitting down somewhere on the sides or, like upstairs or wherever. I’d like to be on the floor after the pit finishes. Essentially, it’s where l can have space to move and dance and vibe and listen.” No matter which part of the venue you’ll be staying though, Clinton Kane has prepared a concert that will entertain and then some. 

Presented by Live Nation Philippines, Clinton Kane’s MAYBE SOMEDAY IT’LL ALL BE OKAY World Tour is heading to Manila on December 3 at the New Frontier Theater. You can get your tickets here

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