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Celeste Cortesi Wore Sweatpants For Her Departure Look And We Stan Even More

It's a 12-hour flight, girl's gotta breathe.

The queen’s departure look from the Philippines? A hoodie and sweatpants. We stan.

In a few weeks, a new Miss Universe will be crowned and our very own queen Celeste Cortesi is already manifesting her win. Remember when she “whispered” to the crown before winning Miss Universe Philippines? And very recently, she was spotted at Filipino designer Albert Andrada’s studio manifesting with Pia Wurtzbach’s winning blue gown. We love a queen who strongly believes in the law of attraction.

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But despite her laser focus in preparation for the competition, Celeste knows when to stay calm and when to put up a fight. When everyone was expecting her to be in full glam every step of the way, she decided to show up in sweatpants and no makeup before flying to the Los Angeles. Which makes perfect sense because how can anyone be comfortable wearing a gown while traveling non-stop for over 12 hours?

It seems that just as what past MUPH queens Pia and Shamcey said, she is living by the mantra: “know when to peak.” Even her supporters applauded Celeste for her decision to wear sweat pants. Now for the haters, keep in mind that the departure look holds no points in the score board. “Kalma sa mga pinoy, di naman iniiscoran yung departure look,” like what one TikTok user points out. TBF, this is just her pre-departure look and we’re pretty sure our girl’s got more tricks up her sleeve so everyone can calm down now. Until then, we can’t wait to see what other surprises Celeste Cortesi is going to pull off.

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