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These 6 Young Celebs Couldn’t Help But Fangirl Over Marian Rivera

Marian is your faves' fave.

Marian Rivera’s a star for the ages, so we can’t help but relate to these young stars that fangirled over her.

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Ah, celebrities—they’re just like us. We may be huge fans of some idols or artists, but let’s not forget that they, too, have their own list of faves that would get them all sweaty and nervous if they ever met. For these five young artists, successful in their own craft, one of their idols comes in the form of one graceful, generation-spanning actress (and now TikTok star): Marian Rivera.

Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes has had a long, successful career as a leading lady. She’s been married to frequent onscreen partner Dingdong Dantes for almost ten years now, and they have two kids together. They’re also starring in MMFF 2023 entry Rewind together. Marian’s taken on the mantles of Darna, Dyesebel, and Encantadia (2016-2017)’s Ynang Reyna Menea. Her own career started when some of these artists were very young—they, like us, have seen her on their own screens and even inspired them to pursue the same path. So, it makes sense that they would totally fangirl over her. From Alexa Ilacad to Niana Guerrero, check out these Marian Rivera fangirls and their cute encounters with the actress below.


Years later and Alexa Ilacad’s still got heart eyes for the Kapuso Primetime Queen. She’s long looked up to Marian, expressing how much she admired her for being a strong, beautiful woman with a great family. Alexa first met Marian in 2015, almost crying during the interaction. Marian revealed to everyone that Alexa DM’ed her once, and gave her some kind advice about making it in showbiz. From the DM’ing to the obvious overwhelming emotions, to still feeling the same way when she met her idol again at a makeup event, Alexa Ilacad’s a true Marian fangirl at heart.


Longtime, bigtime fan Maymay Entrata’s crossed paths with Marian Rivera a couple times now. The young artist couldn’t help but fangirl during the 2018 screening of her movie (with Dingdong Dantes, too) Fantastica, posting an Instagram Story captioned “Saranghaeyo Ms. @marianrivera!” and “Sa wakas,” complete with crying and heart emojis. When Dingdong Dantes and Marian graced the ASAP Natin ‘To stage just this year, Maymay was still as starstruck as she was before, exclaiming, “Wag niyo ‘ko tignan ng ganyan!” to the actress and screaming and almost collapsing when Marian pulls her into a hug. Successful fangirl, indeed.


Zeinab’s fangirling caught in 4K. YouTuber and content creator Zeinab Harake couldn’t control her emotions (and words) as she meets her idol “Ate Yan” and Dingdong Dantes, who she’s been a fan of for a long time. Her kilig was palpable at the skincare event, and her tears and shaky voice were 100% relatable to any fangirl.


Even superstar Kathryn Bernardo had to stifle her kilig at meeting the Primetime Queen. Kathryn got the chance to work with Marian back in 2010 for teleserye Endless Love as the younger version of Marian’s Jenny. The two, having remained good friends over the years, reunited at Marian’s 38th birthday party, where Kathryn implicitly revealed that she was still a huge fan at heart. “Me trying to hide my kilig face,” she captioned on the Instagram Story. Kathryn and Sofia Andres spoke at the intimate gathering, cheering “Hail to the queen!”


The ever-supportive Loisa Andalio’s been a fan of the Gracia-Dantes family for a while. She’s previously worked with Dingdong Dantes on Fantastica (2018), and has often showed her love for their family and kids on her social media. In a photo taken at the Fantastica premiere, Loisa captions her story simply with “KILIG!!!”


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The dancer and fellow TikTok star gushed over Marian Rivera during a red carpet interview for an event they both attended. “Oh my gosh,” Niana squealed. “I’m fangirling over her because her TikToks lately are the best.” She describes the actress’ dancing as swabe and satisfying, and the two met up later that night, talking about a possible dance collab between them. Niana and Marian have met before, but with the cards reversed: Marian filmed a video greeting from Niana for her daughter Zia, who was a fan of the young dancer. Fangirls all around!

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