10 Celebrities That Served Rockstar Realness at the Billboard Philippines Launch 

They went for loud and edgy.

These ‘Rock Chic’ ensembles at the Billboard Philippines Launch deserve a billboard of their own.

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The Billboard Philippines Launch was nothing short of a rockstar affair, with singers, emerging artists, and major names in the entertainment industry coming together to witness history in the making. The main event celebrated the country’s music scene with a ‘Rockstar Chic’ theme that set the tone for an evening of true talent and style, underlining the Philippines’ undeniable influence on the music stage.

Now that we’ve come, seen, and danced the night away, it’s time to declare the best-dressed personalities on the blue carpet at the Billboard Philippines Launch. Nobody disappointed, but these celebrities served rockstar realness.


A quarter of the girl group BINI made quite the entrance with their picture-perfect attire for the evening. Styled by Ica Villanueva, Mikah and Aiah captivated the crowd as they strutted down the blue carpet, with each ensemble making a unique statement while maintaining a cohesive sense of unity. Mikah commanded attention in a sleek, all-black outfit that showcased her edgy yet elegant persona. In contrast, Aiah embraced a complementary palette of white and red.


G22 doesn’t simply speak through P-Pop but also through their personal style. When asked about their look last night, members of the girl group described it as ‘very avant-garde and very G22. We agree because those all-black and color-coordinating sets deserve their own spotlight.


As SB19 made their grand entrance, the collective presence of these stars spoke volumes about their evolving image in the Philippines’ entertainment industry, leaving attendees and fans eagerly awaiting their next moves in the music scene. After becoming Billboard Philippines’ Maiden Issue cover stars, who knows what they’ll achieve next?

As if that isn’t enough, in a world where music and fashion collide, the Kings of P-Pop proved that they are not only masters of their craft but also influential icons who are shaping the future of men’s fashion. They totally brought their A-game to the event, showcasing the dashing dark blue and black ensembles.


We all know that BGYO has mastered performing and traveling in style, but Gelo and Nate’s bold blue carpet affair wouldn’t be left behind. Rocking mixed textures, prints, and accessories, they captured the essence of the night. Their ability to seamlessly blend various elements of fashion, from fabrics to patterns, showcased their knack for pushing the boundaries and redefining style. This fearless approach to fashion continues to be a source of inspiration for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Ena Mori

Ena Mori, an emerging talent, offered a fresh perspective to the event. Her experimental and all-denim style revealed her willingness to push the boundaries and explore new avenues in fashion, just as she does in her music career. It’s no wonder why she won best-dressed last night.

Zild Benitez

Another awardee for best-dressed, Zild Benitez made a strong statement that was as powerful as his artistry. Wearing an-all black jersey matched with sunglasses and a choker, he’s serving rockstar realness with that fierce face and personality.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre, known for her personal style and aesthetic, was nothing short of lustrous last night. The actress killed it with a red, RAFA WORLDWIDE leather skirt and a black bodice off-shoulder. If Amy Winehouse and Christina Aguilera’s style had a baby, it would look like this rockstar affair.


While we’re thinking of leather jackets and fringes for the event, Jayda took it to the next level with a red gown, gracing the blue carpet with elegance and a contemporary edge. While it was a departure from the expected all-black affair, it served as a refreshing reminder that fashion is a canvas for self-expression. Who knew that the fusion of elegance and rockstar flair could be equally show stopping as edgy ensembles?

Inigo Pascual

Inigo Pascual made a splash with a sophisticated all-white ‘fit. The actor and singer-songwriter’s tailored suit, accompanied by subtle accessories, exuded elegance and charisma. Needless to say, Inigo demonstrated the power of classic style with a modern twist, symbolizing a fusion of sophistication and youthfulness.

Regine Velasquez – Alcacid

A true icon in the Philippine music industry, Regine Velasquez displayed her timeless grace through this maximalist gem—think fur sleeves, mismatched patterns, and a statement necklace. With this bold fashion choice, Asia’s Songbird not only reaffirmed her status as a music legend but also showcased her flair for pushing the boundaries of style and making a lasting impression in the world of fashion.

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