Celebrating 150th Year in Denim Domination, This Classic Pair of Jeans Are Reintroduced With Refreshed Looks

It's aging like fine wine

Levi’s® 501® celebrates its 150th year in 2023 as the denim jean authority in fashion—and it continues to outlive us all.

Probably one of the greatest tests of dependability and quality is time. Familial bonds strengthen, romantic relationships flourish, and friendships become tighter through the years. Diamonds, after all, have to go through pressure over time before they become precious stones. And with Levi’s® 501® Jeans still worn 150 years later since its fashion inception in 1873, that says it all for its dependability and quality.

Now in its 150th year, the classic Levi’s® 501® Jeans celebrates this milestone with refreshed looks, presented with modern-day updates.

For the ladies, the new 501® ‘81 will be a fresh addition to your closet. This is inspired by the year Levi’s® first women’s 501® jeans were launched: 1981. This time, it showcases the denim brand’s highest rise and most tapered leg in the 501® family, and comes in an empowering ’80s-influenced fabric and finish range.

A new way of comfort and sturdy awaits for the gents, on the other hand. This new fit with slimmer straight-leg jeans awaits you in the new 501® ‘54 inspired by the 1954 501® silhouette. Elevating the overall pinnacle expression of the new pair of jeans, the 501® ‘54 has core finishes paired with seasonal craft, repair, and quilted patchwork elements that vibe with today’s edgy jean appeal.

Classics from Levi’s® 501® Original for both men and women also got some modern-day updates by adding new elements with emphasis on novelty and premiumization. Recrafted and archive-inspired, you will never forget the class and legacy Levi’s® has long established when wearing the new 501® Originals.

Through the years, the Levi’s® brand paved its way in making a historical, global footprint, witnessing various stories regardless of age, language, culture, and heritage—just pure, authentic denim quality that is unfailing in withstanding each of its wearer’s daily lives. 150 years later, it still continues to deliver its denim jeans legacy.

Treat yourself time-tested, quality jeans. To keep updated on their latest trends and offerings, visit their official website.