Careless Music Joins The Sinulog Fun With The Wavy Baby Music Festival

Careless Music will take care of your Sinulog weekend.

With Wavy Baby Music Festival, Careless Music promises you your best Sinulog Festival yet.

Recently, the independent music label, Careless Music, helmed by multi-hyphenate James Reid has been reveling in its successes with a release of new bops and its growing roster of talented artists ready to make noise in the music scene. And speaking of making noise, Careless is ready to give our Cebuano friends a unique sonic and festive experience with the Wavy Baby Music Festival.

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Almost a year in the making, Careless Music assembles a massive lineup of artists with its first-ever Wavy Baby Music Festival. Packaged as the “waviest festival” ever, it will coincide with the celebration of the Sinulog Festival next year, imbibing the festive spirit with a jam-packed selection of musical acts on January 13-14, 2023.

Happening at North Reclamation Area in the seaside town of Mandaue city in Cebu, the Wavy Baby Music Festival will be headlined by K-Pop idol Sunmi and American singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$. Other international stars taking part in the festivity include South Korean pop rock band The Rose, Australian electronic music duo Bag Raiders, DJ Yultron, London-based Issa, and Destiny Rogers, who has just joined the Careless Music family.

Other talents from the music label like the street dance group A-Team, Lesha, Jolianne, Massiah, and recently signed artists August Wahh and the four-piece band SOS will also be performing. Other Pinoy talents include Filipino bands Ben&Ben, December Avenue, Franco, and of course, James Reid himself.

Cebuano talent will also shine at the festival with Cebu-based artists like The Sundown, Mandaue Nights, Sepiatimes, Three Legged Men, and Wonggoys taking the stage. 

Are you ready for Wavy Baby? The limited pre-sale of Wavy Baby Music Festival tickets are now available for the patrons of the payment app Maya. Careless Music has also teased another surprising announcement so stay tuned to their social media page for more exciting news.

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