BTS Bang Bang Con 21

What Is BTS Bang Bang Con 21 And What Do You Need To Prepare For It?

Are you ready?

Full disclosure: I am a baby ARMY myself. So, if like me, you are new to the fandom, you are scouring the internet for anything and everything BTS, or you have nothing to do on April 17, read on as we attempt to give you a rundown of what you can expect from Bang Bang Con 21, which is set to probably be the biggest free concert of BTS to date.


What is Bang Bang Con 21 and how can you get access?

This streaming event is a gift of BTS to their beloved fans. All you have to do is go on BTS’ Official Youtube Channel, BangtanTV this Saturday, April 17. If you are currently in the Philippines, you can start watching at 2 PM (PST). For the rest of the world, you can check what time you need to tune in here.

What are you watching exactly?

BTS Bang Bang Con 21

For #BANGBANGCON21, three of the most successful fan meets and concerts will be streamed for free:

2:00 PM (PST): BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I. BTS Begins (Memories of 2015) — Seoul, South Korea last March 2015 

4:40 PM (PST): BTS 5th Muster (Magic Shop) — Busan, South Korea last June 2019  

6:40 PM (PST): BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself — São Paulo, Brazil, last May 2019 

If you want to see them perform their hits NO, Idol, and Fake Love on these stages, complete with the purple ocean (light sticks shining which resembles a flower path where BTS can safely walk on), then you are in for a treat. Consider yourself warned for the performance of classics such as Love Maze, Pied Piper, Magic Shop, Dimple and Whalien 52.

Still curious? Here’s a complete setlist for each concert.

Why should you watch Bang Bang Con 21?

We all know you have other ways of consuming Bangtan content, whether it’s through fan cams on YouTube or with the help of other generous ARMY friends through Facebook or Telegram. But nothing beats streaming this free online concert together with millions of BTS fans all over the world. According to reports, last year’s 24-hour Bang Bang Con had 50.59 million views, where 500,000 ARMY bombs (BTS light sticks) in 162 regions were simultaneously connected through WeVerse, HYBE’s community platform. Taking part in this global event will be the best way to let Bangtan Sonyeondan how their music is somehow making things better.

What do you need to prepare?

  1. Yourself

BTS has been famous for sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings through songs. But their interactions with fans during events such as the upcoming Bang Bang Con 21 are to me, raw and real, which is definitely more than just fan service. So, get those tissues because trust me, they can make you cry.

  1. Your family/ significant other/ housemates

Unfortunately, a lot of people are still not quite fans of BTS. So, starting today, warn them that you will unearth and expose your (hidden) teen self—complete with crazy dances, singing your heart out, and gushing over your bias.

  1. The ARMY Survival Kit


  • Have your ARMY Bombs and their batteries ready. 
  • Test out your noise-canceling headphones or bluetooth speakers. 
  • Prepare the necessary cables and connections for your tv or projector. 
  • Official and unofficial merch, check! 
  • You can still order your favorite snacks online or check out Korean restaurants’ social media accounts for their menu. Don’t forget to include Babinski Cold or Hot Brew coffee, Chilsung Cider, or BTS’ newest endorsement, Kloud beer
  • Again, tissues are needed.

If you want to bring it to the next level:

Korean Style Sweet Corn Salad (콘 샐러드, Con SaelReoDeu) from Aeri’s Kitchen

Barefoot Contessa’s Fresh Corn Salad Recipe from Food Network

Healthy Tasty American Corn Salad from Easy Cookbook

Being an ARMY is a lot of work, from making the boys the first group to successfully enter Billboard’s Top 100 in three languages—Korean, English, and Japanese (most recently through their new single, Film Out)—to reaching 1 billion views on YouTube for their song, Dynamite, you deserve to relax with your bias(es) this weekend. The septet could be dropping some surprises in the coming hours, so better keep your eyes and ears open for that. Maybe another Bang Bang Con Live or a new album? For now, while we all prepare for Bang Bang Con 21, vote for the septet on 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards, pray that they win the Best International Group award at the 2021 Brit Awards, and wait patiently for their digital single to be released on May 21.

Now, are you hyped for Bang Bang Con 21? Because I sure am.