7 Books By Women For Women You Should Check Out This Women’s Month

7 Books By Women For Women You Should Check Out This Women’s Month

Woman, life, freedom, and the power of words.

From stories of recovery and coming-of-age to historically-charged dramas, check out these books about life and womanhood written by women for Women’s Month.

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Reese Witherspoon was right—women’s stories matter. They just matter. And when it comes to the literary world, you can never run out of books to read, especially if you’re like me who somehow never has the time to read anymore. But even if we get pretty busy, a great book is often a great way to unwind or learn something new. March is Women’s Month, so we’ve got a handful of book recommendations from the Philippines as well as from across the seas all about women, their lives, their strengths, their struggles, and their hopes—all written by female authors.

From stories set at certain points in history or timeless chronicles of a young woman’s journey through life, these books are a diverse set of stories that could expand not just your literary horizons, but also your perspective on women, womanhood, and the various forces and circumstances that make a woman. Check them out below.


South Korean writer Choi Eun-young paints portraits of love, growth, and change through a collection of short stories told through the eyes of seven young women in South Korea. From childhood friendships to lost loves, explorations of the complexities of grief to the effects of politics, Shoko’s Smile intertwines what could very well be real-life stories with startlingly relatable aspects of humanity.


The late Lualhati Bautista’s 2007 novel Desaparesidos follows the lives of activists Anna and Roy, who witnessed and experienced the brutality of Marcos’ martial law. The term desaparesidos refers to those who disappeared during the era, and this book from the writer of Dekada ’70 is more than just a visceral, hard, read—it’s also an account of history not just centered on women’s struggles during the era, but also on the collective struggle of Filipinos.


Circe, a modern retelling of Greek mythological figure and sorceress Circe not only allows us to empathize with her, but also is a gripping tale of dreams, belonging, and humanity. From growing up to finding (and losing) love, we learn how the young woman became the fearsome, cunning, and yet wholly human figure we know her to be—and more.


The Outrun, a 2016 memoir by Amy Liptrot, chronicles her life between the rough streets of London and the calming life of her home in Scotland. Liptrot crafts a gritty but beautifully engaging read about a young woman’s addiction recovery that also serves as an ode to the nature, environment, and life on the Orkney islands of Scotland.


Bringing together history, fiction, reality, romance, and the beauty of storytelling, this elegant 2021 novel by Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta is a portrait of personal lives in post-World War II Manila. Assembling Alice tells the real-life story of Alice Feria, Katigbak-Lacuesta’s great grandmother and pioneering Filipina journalist, as she comes of age and meets the people that will change her life. An assembly of vignettes and snapshots about Alice’s life, this story is one that’s told with heart.


Arsenic and Adobo (2021), Mia P. Manansala’s first book in her Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery series, involves Lila Macapagal’s endeavors to save her family’s restaurant and figure out the truth about the sudden death of a food critic who just so happens to be her ex-boyfriend. Filipino food, humor, romance, and a mystery? Sign us up.


Elaine Castillo’s 2018 novel America Is Not The Heart is a poignant tale about family, immigration, identity, the lasting effects of martial law, and the potent power of hope. The story follows a young woman, Hero, a cadre (militant) and survivor of martial law, who moves in with her uncle’s family in the United States and tries to navigate this new chance at life. This drama is a heavy but hopeful read that highlights the importance of family, community, and moving forward.

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