Blessy ann villafuerte kumu nylon manila career fair livestream

Still Nervous About Going Live? Let Blessy Villafuerte of KUMU Show You How It’s Done At NYLON Manila’s Career Fair

Trust us, it's as easy as facetiming your friend!

We’re sure you’ve heard the line, “it’s just the same as talking to someone,” before doing a livestream. But as Blessy Ann Villafuerte of streaming platform Kumu confirms, it truly is in fact, just like that.

We get it. The Internet can be such a b*tch most times, but when you’ve found the right platforms to channel that energy, everything just well, streams. Live streaming isn’t something new in the age of the dot come era, but the jitters and anxiety before seeing that red button is real and yes, it is valid. It can be likened to public speaking that’s for sure, but when you come to think of it, it’s just like being on Facetime or Zoom with a friend.

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Luckily, we have Kumu’s community campaign manager Blessy Ann Villafuerte to teach us the ropes of getting into live streaming at NYLON Manila’s Career Fair. There has been a popularity in doing lives more than ever especially now that we’re confined to our homes. It could get scary at times when creeps on the Internet flock to your live stream, but Blessy will be giving us tips on how to get started. And yes, it’s an actual career! Take it from her who has been hosting one of Kumu’s comedic noon time show, May Tama Ka—a show where you only have two options: tama o mali.

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