Blast Off Across The FanVerse, An Ultimate Music Experience For And By The Super Fans

This time, you are the star, too.

A coming together of the biggest, brightest, and the best in music and entertainment, the UMUSIC FanVerse promises to be an experience that is out of this world.

Even before Mr. Marshall Mathers introduced the word “stan” to the modern-day lexicon of pop culture, the super fans have already been a force to be reckoned with, especially in the stronghold of show business. From the diehard devotion and discipline focused on the likes of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and BTS, among many others, the support system they offer is not only unparalleled, but at this point, as legendary as the superstars they idolize. It is to no surprise then that in many an exposition of gratitude for artists across a spectrum of disciplines, the sweeping sentiment tucked in the phrase “we would like to thank the fans” is a non-negotiable. And in the evolution of the entertainment ecosystem, the fan and star relationship is symbiotic in the sense that one will cease to exist in relevance without the other.

Whether it be indulging a photo or video opportunity, making a beeline for a crowd to sign autographs, or getting up close and personal in meet and greets, the stars will always take the opportunity to return the favor so to speak, showering their fans with attention and adoration when and where necessary. It is often an overwhelming swell of emotions for both, where everyone can be either too stunned to speak or crying, shrieking, and screaming all at once. It is this circumstance of having the tables turned that inspired the creation of the FanVerse, the ultimate music experience that puts the fans front, center, and with the glow of the spotlight solely on them.

Imagined by the minds of UMUSIC Philippines, the FanVerse is a super event for super stans that combine the very best of fan meets, merch conventions, and of course, a music festival all under the curved roof of The Podium Hall.

Into The FanVerse

Ready to hop on the Sour Jeepney Ride and sing your heart to what else, Olivia Rodrigo’s hits? How about stopping by the House Of AG (that’s Ariana Grande to you) have your nails done, which highlights your seven rings and more? Want to live out your Hollywood red carpet fantasy at Justin Bieber’s Peaches Groove Booth? Raring to take a trip down memory lane with total performer and Asia’s pop heartthrob at Darren Espanto’s D Total Experience? Aching to relive the heart-wrenching musical and cinematic chapters in Zack Tabudlo’s Giant Episode Album? Then allow the UMUSIC FanVerse to open these visceral worlds for you to max out your super fan status.

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From October 18 all the way to October 23, the expansive space will be open to the public and is expected to bursting with energy unmatched as you experience the different booths, sample food from the Hatdog Stand, Summer Heartbreak Ice Cream stall, and Juan Karlos’ Pancitan, and maybe even meet your favorite stars and singers. Performances are the highlight of the FanVerse as the weekend beckons with themed music nights, starting with Queens Of The Universe, Cosmic, and Supernova Sundays.

Expected to grace the stage are the likes of the Drag Race Philippines queens, including winner, Precious Paula Nicole, Morissette, Bonnie Bailey, Dom Guyot, Alex Diaz, Darren Espanto, Cheats, Blaster, Zephanie, Kyle Echarri, Shanti Dope, December Avenue, Juan Karlos, Zild, and Zack Tabudlo, and even more. Consider your soundtrack session covered as you sing your heart out to hit after hit and even discover new tunes to obsess over. (Hello, replay button.)

We Have Lift Off

With a calendar packed with all the good stuff, what a glorious time it is to be a super stan. As larger-than-life that it sets out to be, the FanVerse is at its core a love letter to the unparalleled and unending support by the idols to their cherished fans. And true enough, just as it is about to take of the its projected otherworldly heights, passes, which come with a tote of goodies, are already selling out fast. In fact, the Queens Of The Universe is already sold out. Pop off, ate!

Fear not, because there are still many ways to take part of what is set to be the biggest coming together of the best and brightest. There is the UMUSIC app, which is set to be your all-in-one guide to the FanVerse, the new multi-lifestyle app, Omne by FWD, and the social media channels of Universal Music Group on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord.

Up for what the rest of universe of music, memories, and well, madness has to offer? Hop on quick, because you are in for quite the ride. There will be many stars along the way, but this time, you are one of them, too. So, what are you waiting for? Ready, get set, stan!