BINI, Maymay Entrata, And Sheena Belarmino Need Their Flowers For Their Collab Stage

The collab we never knew we needed.

When you put three baddies like BINI, Maymay Entrata, and Sheena Belarmino on the same stage, expect nothing but excellence.

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When Miley Cyrus dropped Flowers at the start of 2023, she unleashed a self-love anthem that not only was a solid single, but also spoke to many with its message of empowerment. (There’s no need to have someone in your life buy you flowers, you can do that yourself.) And just in time for International Women’s Month, three young artists recently came together to flex this self-confidence as BINI, MayMay Entrata, and Sheena Belarmino joined forces for a special collab stage. It was over three minutes of boss behavior on the ASAP stage.


On the March 19 episode of ASAP Natin To’, the P-pop collaborations continued as BINI combined their prowess with fellow stars MayMay and Sheena for a performance of Flowers. Decked out in all white, the girls looked angelic but had that edge of confidence to expect from the pros of the stage. BINI started the performance, slaying as usual with their synchronized moves and on-point vocals. Sheena then came next and blew off the doors of the cover with her powerful voice and belts. Despite her young age, she has that booming voice filled with emotion that would cause anyone to do a double-take.

MayMay then came in last and stomped on that stage like the kabogera that she is. It’s not often we see one of the biggest P-pop girl groups in the country, a multi-hyphenate superstar, and a rising all-rounder on one stage. But when it happens, it makes for a magical moment. It’s the kind of performance fitting for Woman’s Month, or any time of the year, really. All three brought something different to the table yet were able to mix well as they gave their rendition of Flowers. The girls said girl power, and we’re here for it.

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