Billie Eilish Lisa Lalisa Manoban Blythe Andrea Brillantes Hayley Williams hair shag

Billie Eilish, Lisa, and Blythe Will Make You Want To Cut Your Hair In This Style

Pro Tip: Head bang to Paramore's old songs while reading through.

Billie Eilish’s signature neon green roots, may you rest in peace. You won’t entirely be missed though, because hot girl summer just got even hotter when she debuted her shaggy new ‘do.

Some call it the shag, some call it the return of emo culture, but when Billie Eilish debuted her choppy, platinum ‘do a few weeks ago, everyone lost it. Could this be a sign to finally change your hair? From Billie’s shag to Hayley Williams’ OG orange hair, here are the different ways you can switch up this layered hair style we’ve been obsessing over.

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Billie Eilish Hair Haircut Shag

Is it wrong that we agree with all the “bi panic” comments when Billie Eilish debuted her hair that apparently took 6 weeks to accomplish? Achieve her ‘do by asking your hairstylist to chop some extra layers and lots of sea salt spray. Dyeing it on a lighter shade helps show the texture, too.


Blythe Andrea Brillantes Hair Haircut

Take it from Blythe and keep it glossy, yet of course, edgy. Her dark locks make her look like a porcelain doll even more. Add a little bit of ~spice~ by putting on a bit of that drunk blush (or “hotdog blush” as popularized by Sassa Gurl!). Sure, she’s got a lob now, but is there any hairstyle that Blythe can’t pull off?


Gabs Gibbs is really out here looking like a Bratz doll, and we are living for it. The subtle smokey eye, the lip gloss, and the messy fringe? How can she transform effortlessly from a fairy to Barbie with every new hairstyle she tries on?! We need some answers, especially on how to style that messy shag of hers.


This one’s for all the kids who wanted to dye their hair in every single color like Paramore’s front woman and OG scene queen, Hayley Williams. She ATE this hairstyle for years. Ask any person who went through an emo phase and they’ll admit without hesitation that this was the hairstyle everyone had to have.


Lalisa Manoban Lisa Blackpink Hair

Let us all welcome everyone’s mom, Miss Lisa of Blackpink. She’s been sporting front-facing bangs ever since along with her signature long, dark locks, but a few months ago, she was spotted wearing this glossy, ash blonde style. Can anyone please convince Lisa to switch to this hairstyle from time to time? NGL, we adore her constant hair transformations.

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