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Beyoncé Was Just Dressed By This Dubai-Based Filipino Designer

Ryan Pacioles also dressed Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams in the past.

Dubai-based Filipino designer Ryan Pacioles is the creative director behind the fashion house who created Beyoncé’s lemonade yellow gown.

After five agonizing years, the Beyoncé drought is finally over. Well, sort of. But one thing’s for sure, her private performance in Dubai made the world stop. The audience was told not to film or take photos but of course, you can’t resist the presence of the queen herself. We don’t really mind watching Beyoncé’s entire set on crack quality anyway, because she served to soaring heights. It was a signature Beyonce show, especially when it came to the high production value as she performed at the newly opened Atlantis The Royal Dubai. Of course, her outfits were just as majestic, and to our surprise, a Filipino designer revealed that they had a hand in making Beyoncé’s lemonade dreams come true.

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Atelier Zuhra is a fashion house based in Dubai and is owned by Omani designer Rayan Al Sulaimani. They’re known for their intricately-detailed, show-stopping creations. But what surprised us was finding out that the creative director of the label is actually a Filipino. Ryan Pacioles, a Leyte-born designer that’s helming Atelier Zuhra was one of the brains behind the yellow gown encrusted with acrylic shards and a dramatic Marabou feathered trail. According to Rayan, who collaborated with Beyoncé’s stylist KJ Moody, the gown took almost a month and a half to finish. But Beyoncé isn’t the only Destiny’s Child member that Ryan Pacioles has dressed. He’s already created for Michelle Williams in the past.

Some of Ryan’s notable clients include Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, TV personality Giuliana Rancic, and real life royalty Lady Victoria Hervey. After being announced as one of the most influential Filipinos in the gulf by a fashion magazine, the Filipino designer and creative director said, “As a Filipino designer in the Middle East, I want to push creative boundaries and be a true inspiration to other new designers, especially in the Philippines.” At long last, it’s no longer a far-fetched dream to see Beyoncé championing POC designers including Filipinos, and we can’t wait for more.

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