All The Times Belle Mariano Was The Most Successful Fangirl

Oh, to be Belle Mariano.

Belle Mariano’s journey from being a Ben&Ben fangirl to becoming friends with the group is iconic in itself. She’s living the Y/N life fr. 

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In the past few years of Belle Mariano’s meteoric rise, the Gen Z star has gained a bevy of fans from all around the world. And while many have Belle as one of their faves, the actress has her faves of her own as well. Like many of us, Belle Mariano is a fangirl who has her biases (BTS’ Jungkook is one of her notable loves). She really couldn’t be any more relatable. 

As if Belle couldn’t win in life anymore, she decided to live the Y/N life by working with and getting recognized by her biggest idols. It’s not just regular Filipinos who have been smitten by Belle. Scroll down for the times she got the recognition of her faves.


It’s one thing to have met Ben&Ben. But the fact that Belle has worked with the band multiple times? Now that’s goals. In case you didn’t know, Belle is a true Liwanag and has been a fan of the OPM folk group for years. From going to their concerts, Belle eventually got to meet the band and even star in their Upuan music video alongside Donny Pangilinan, a video that proceeded to break the internet. 

If that wasn’t enough, Ben&Ben made an appearance at Belle’s Daylight concert as the two gave a special performance of Pagtingin with the actress on stage and the band shown via video feed. Most recently, Belle hopped on a collab version of Ben&Ben’s newest single, Autumn, and sounded amazing as always. She might be the most successful Liwanag in history if you think about it. 


Imagine meeting your idol during the middle of a taping of a show. That’s the case for Belle when she met OPM icon Bamboo Manalac during an episode of ASAP. As her ever-present knight in shining armor, Donny initiated that Belle wanted to meet Bamboo, whom she is a big fan of. After some encouragement from her fellow stars, Belle went to the front and shook Bamboo’s hand, walking away afterward like a flustered fangirl. We don’t know what we like more, Belle met Bamboo or that her love team partner was the one who helped make it happen.



Most of us have that moment where we DM our favorite celebrity and personality. But while we may hope for a reply, we probably won’t get it given how many messages they get, that is unless you’re Belle Mariano. Like any fangirl, she messaged one of her favorite actors, this case Emily in Paris actor Lucas Bravo, and he actually noticed it and responded with a sweet thank you. From one actor to another, we’re here for this common admiration.



Belle’s Abu Dhabi trip in December 2022 was memorable for many reasons, like how she fulfilled a long-held dream and went skydiving. But a moment that had netizens talking was when she watched Post Malone’s concert and met the musician afterward. Belle, can we get a prayer reveal, please? 

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