Bad Filipino Habits That Today’s Generation Need To Let Go Of

Are you guilty of any of these Filipino traits?

Filipinos have been living in the same traditional thinking for centuries, following our ancestors’ tradition, attitude, and even behavior without second thoughts. Why? Because it’s ingrained in our culture. But in this modern generation, the old and misaligned thinking can’t be ignored anymore.

Filipinos have been living and complaining about the same old toxic Filipino culture for years, yet we shrug it off just because it was deemed as acceptable in our families. Still, every day we ask ourselves, “why is the Philippines still in the same place as it is 30, 50, 80 or 100 years ago?” Perhaps the answers are within ourselves.

We listed down toxic Filipino attitudes that today’s generation cannot ignore.

1. Considering Mental illness as ‘kaartehan

Some Filipinos are still close-minded about mental illness and think it is just millennials being dramatic. According to a report from Rappler, the suicide rate in the Philippines has risen drastically in the last two years with at least one suicide referral made each day. One plausible reason is Filipinos misunderstanding mental illness. Instead of understanding mentally unstable people, we shut them down and think it is some sort of kaartehan.

2. Filipino Time

Filipino time is inevitable for some Filipinos. But sometimes, we use “Filipino time” to excuse ourselves for being inconsiderate or not caring about wasting other people’s time. Now, you’ll notice that people set the time at least an hour early because they expect Filipinos to be late.

3. Crab mentality

Filipinos tend to possess this mentality especially when they’re insecure. Instead of supporting one’s success, we nitpick the bad things to pull them down. Remember when Kelsey Merritt got into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and instead of supporting her, people bashed her for not looking Filipino enough?

4. Parents seeing children as trust funds

One old belief Filipinos hold up to now is that parents think that their children are the ones who will help them rise above poverty and corruption. When in fact, before starting a family, parents should have been financially stable beforehand.

Yes, we understand that there could have been more reasons as to why this happens, but in the modern day, family planning is not impossible. In fact, it is a necessity. Unfortunately, some Filipinos are close-minded with family planning.

5. Lack of self-discipline

Lack of discipline is a common toxic Filipino culture because obviously, everyone wants convenience. Thus, Filipinos break laws to save time. Therefore, Filipinos choose to turn a blind eye and disobey ordinances or laws protecting us from danger.

For example, even when a signage clearly says, No Jaywalking, Filipinos will still choose to cross the fatal road because it’s more convenient to cross there than use the stairs.

6. Procrastination

Also considered as Mañana Habit in the Filipino culture, most Filipinos are guilty of the mamaya na habit, because they think they can finish things last minute.

7. Judging everyone’s opinion or lifestyle

Filipinos tend to judge people’s lifestyle based on their social media postings. On the other hand, people post on social media for validation. For example, when someone posts a photo of their Starbucks drink, people would assume they’re a social climber, when someone can’t speak fluent English, people would assume they’re dumb, or when they have their own opinion and it contradicts the majority’s opinion, people would think they’re pabida.

8. Hypocrisy

One perfect example is when they hate people who stan international artists instead of supporting their own. And yet, those people who hate are the same ones who ridicule Filipino artists for their songs. Supporting other countries’ artists won’t make you a less of a Filipino. If you prefer K-Pop because of their entertaining music, then go ahead and admire them. If you prefer OPM, then go and support our very own culture. It’s all about preference.

Judging other people without giving yourself a hard look is hypocritical.

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