Why You Should Consider Using Anti-Aging Products In Your 20s

Maintain your babyface for years to come with these tips by a skincare expert.

Before we jump to anything else, let’s make one thing clear real quick: you cannot recreate a youthful complexion once it is gone—you can only maintain the one that you currently have. And that’s perfectly okay.

Your 20s are already hard enough without having to consider anti-aging skincare. But even though you may have just graduated from college, signs of aging will soon begin to creep up on you before you know it. But please don’t stress (no really, it will just make things worse), because there are only a few steps to incorporate into your existing routine that will keep your baby face plump and glowing for the years to come.

NYLON Manila talked to Dr. Anilene A. Akiyama, an Aesthetic, Anti-aging, and Regenerative Medicine specialist to answer your skin concerns.

What is the earliest age when we can start using anti-aging products? 

As early as you hit your 20s, you can start using anti-aging products. Around this time the collagen production of our skin is not as efficient as it used to be. Collagen and elastin are proteins found in the skin that gives it its elasticity and firmness, so it is vital that we continuously stimulate these. And of course, you can never be too young to start using sunblock. Protect your skin on a daily basis from harmful UV rays.

We recommend the following products to kickstart your anti-aging regimen:

  • EviDenS The Best Sellers Set (P3995) – This five-piece collection in convenient travel sizes offers AM and PM essentials, which when used together deliver skin renewal benefits around the clock for perfectly moisturized, lifted, toned, and ultra-luminous skin.
  • 111Skin Y Theorem Repair Serum (P13,895) – The hero product that inspired the 111Skin product range, the Y theorem repair serum is an innovative anti-aging serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, builds volume, and rejuvenates the complexion to reveal younger, plumper looking skin. All 111Skin products are inspired by real-life cosmetic cases from 111 Harley Street in London.

What should we keep in mind (ex: ingredients) when purchasing products such as anti-aging creams? 

  • Aside from retinoids, my favorite would be hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that’s also found in our skin. This actually helps maintain a good level of hydration that keeps our skin soft and plump.
  • Vitamin C not just boosts your collagen formation, it also sequesters the free radicals that causes premature skin aging. It also has anti-inflammatory and lightening effects as it decreases melanin production, thereby correcting our dark spots.

Our favorite Vitamin C-infused products are:

  • Femmue Lumiere Vital C (P6395) – Formulated with a gentle vitamin C derivative (Ascorbic Glucocide) to brighten and even skin tone, while moisturizing and calming skin from Hyaluronic acid and Panthenol.
  • 111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster (P 6095) – This booster combines pure Vitamin C with Glutathione and Liquorice Root to boost the brightening and antioxidant effects. All of this is formulated with Citric Acid which helps to drive the ingredients deeper in the skin, without the irritation.
  • Myth: People with oily skin don’t need to moisturize.
  • Truth: everyone needs moisturization. In fact some skin types may appear oily because of over production of sebum as an attempt of our body to naturally keep the moisture in. To prevent this from happening, after cleansing and toning, a person with oily skin may choose to apply a light weight, hydrating and non-comedogenic (meaning they won’t clog your pores) moisturizer.

What should be the proper order of application in skin care? 

I believe in a simple and effective regimen that’s easy to follow and stick to: Cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect.

  • Prepare the skin by cleansing it properly, in the morning and at night, especially if you’ve been wearing heavy make up all day. Remove all the impurities and dirt using a gentle and suitable cleanser for you. 
  • Next is your toner. This is a very important step as it balances the pH levels of your skin and prepares it for better absorption of other products that you will later lather on.
  • Next step is to moisturize. You may have a lot of products, and are confused on which one to use first. The number of products to be applied would really vary and depending on your skin type, but to make it easier, remember to start with the lightest consistency to the heaviest. This is so the lighter products will not have a hard time penetrating the skin. Also, allow each product to be absorbed and wait a few minutes before applying anything else.
  • And last but most importantly, protect- apply a suitable sunscreen depending on your activity for the day. Ideally it should be a broad spectrum sunblock that protects from both UVA and UVB, and at least SPF 30.

We love the Dr. Barbara Sturm Discovery Set (P6495) because it has a little bit of everything you need! This 7-piece travel-size set containing Face Cream, Cleanser, Facial Scrub, one Hyaluronic Ampoule, Eye Cream, Anti-Aging Body Cream, and a Face Mask Sachet, will exfoliate, hydrate, and repair your skin to deliver a radiant #STURMGLOW. We also recommend taking care of your skin against pollution and blue light. Here are our favorite products for that:

  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops (P4995) – This innovative serum contains a special Skin Protect Complex, with extracts derived from marine microorganisms. These extracts will strengthen your skin’s defense against urban pollution and signs of atmospheric skin aging.
  • 111Skin NAC Y2 Pollution Defence Booster, 20ml (P5,495) – This essential booster utilises the power of protective peptides and antioxidants to shield the skin and safeguard against damage caused by free radicals and blue light.