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Fashion’s New Favorite Muse? These Animé Characters Who Served

Now we know how it feels to dress like actual animé characters.

Living life in 2D no more.

Who else didn’t want to live in Sailor Moon’s world? Her stylish clique with an enviable closet full of vintage designer pieces like Sailor Pluto’s gold chain-adorned little black dress from Chanel F/W 1992, Sailor Saturn’s timeless Thierry Mugler cut-out shirt, or Black Lady wearing and posing in the sheer dress worn by Kate Moss in a 1991 Saint Laurent ad. The 90s animated series had countless fashion gems to offer that most often took inspiration in actual couture collections. But in 2023? It’s the other way around. Get in loser, we’re about to dress up like animé characters from now on.

It’s no secret that fashion and animé unlock another realm where anyone can be who they want to be. But in the real world, we can’t always have what we want, can we? Thanks to fashion visionaries like Loewe, Jimmy Choo, and MSCHF, we finally know how it feels to dress like an animé character, as evident in their recent collaborations. See who we listed below and pick a fave!

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It’s only been a few days, but MSCHF unveiling their “big red boots” is already sending the Internet to a frenzy. With the main muse being Japanese android Astroboy, the “bootussy,” as Twitter users call it, launched a thousand memes ever since its release. It’s constructed almost entirely of TPU shell, with EVA foam used for the outsole. But it’s pretty cool seeing how these cartoonish boots are being styled by menswear favorites Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi and NBA player Shai Gilgeous Alexander without looking like caricatures. It’s comical to say the least, but definitely an interesting take on animé and fashion without forgetting to inject a sense of humor.


Babe, wake up. New Jimmy Choo collab just dropped! We are in awe of how Jimmy Choo completely translated the world of Sailor Moon into their shoes and bags. It’s not cosplay, not a lazy silk-screened shirt or a slapped logo on a bag—it’s major world-building to the point where we can see the actual characters living and breathing in them. It’s the subtle yet meaningful details and choice of silhouettes that truly brought out the magic behind the animé. The iridescent leather, latex, swarovski crystals down to the handles of the bags: it’s enough to make our dweeb hearts melt.


Marking their third and final collaboration with Studio Ghibli after dropping My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, we welcome Howl’s Moving Castle to Loewe’s universe. No one makes mystical worlds like the Japanese animation studio does the way Loewe fuses their craftsmanship together with a jab of pop culture. Howl’s crow form is translated into feather coats and bags, while Calcifer takes shape in form of beanies, bags and sweaters. But our favorite is probably Howl’s enchanting room getting the Loewe stamp of approval as seen on a moss green coat embroidered with gems and jewels.