Alexa Ilacad’s Cover Of ‘Traitor’ Will Have You Emotional

And that's on pop star behavior.

Alexa Ilacad has that magic to making the perfect song covers, because her take on Olivia Rodrigo’s traitor was on another level.

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Ever since Alexa Ilacad was in her Goin’ Bulilit days, the world was exposed to the young star’s impressive acting skills. As she got older, she took on a variety of roles that flexed her acting prowess, from Luna in The Killer Bride to a young Bobbie Salazar in Four Sisters Before The Wedding. But when it comes to Alexa, talking about her acting career is half the story, because she’s also a talented musician.

We cannot talk about her music without touching on the memorable song covers she’s posted on her YouTube channel. And just recently, Alexa decided to bless us with another cover with her take on Olivia Rodrigo’s traitor.


On October 16, Alexa uploaded her cover of traitor on her YouTube channel. It’s been a hot minute, over two years in fact, since Alexa has posted a song cover, but the multi-hyphenate star made sure the wait was worth it. This time, Alexa decided to upgrade as gone was the bedroom set-up where all her previous covers were filmed and in was a brand new studio setting. TBH, Alexa could have covered any song off SOUR and we would be happy. But the fact that she chose to cover the gut punch that is traitor was a power move. Alexa made sure to give fans what they wanted.

By the first ten seconds, Alexa had us mesmerized. Her signature strong vocals were on full display as she effectively channeled the energy of the track. What we like most about her cover is that she wasn’t trying to emulate Olivia. Instead, she made sure to give it her spin while giving justice to her fellow Filipina. With the track’s heartbreak energy, Alexa was pulling from something as she was singing to get us in our feels like that.

From Taylor Swift’s All Too Well to Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away, Alexa Ilacad is a pro when it comes to covering songs. Her latest with Olivia Rodrigo’s traitor is yet another that enters her hall of fame.

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