adidas Originals Takes Us Back To The 2000s For A Collection For The Here And Now

Back to the future...

Step into the reimagined world of iconic 2000s runners with adidas Original’s latest collection.

With all things Y2K making a cosmic comeback with vintage and 00s-style sneakers, we’d bet that most people aren’t aware that adidas is the original pioneer in these silhouettes. From formal to casual cool OOTDs inspired by the iconic generation, it’s time to learn more about the history behind the shoes we’re all obsessing over.

In a nostalgic nod to the turn of the millennium, adidas Originals is traveling back in time with their latest release: the 2000s Running Collection. Venturing deep into the adidas archive, this collection offers one-to-one remakes of some of the most iconic running silhouettes from the early 2000s, alongside a new contender designed to bridge the gap between then and now. Getting curious? Scroll through the star sneaker of this collection that’s blending both worlds.

The Then and Now

When we think of adidas, we immediately envision timeless style staples perfect for everyday wear. However, in this era of reimagined classics, where vintage vibes are the currency of cool, adidas is leading the pack with their latest take on archival classics—the same trend they pioneered in the 2000s.

The adidas Ozmillen

Step into the reimagined world of iconic 2000s runners with the adidas Ozmillen. Drawing inspiration from the Ozweego of the 2000s running archive, this sneaker evolves from the past to embrace the future. 

Infused with the experimental side and aesthetics of that timeless era, the Ozmillen boasts metallic overlays, mesh uppers, and a distinctive two-tone color palette. Yet, it’s not all about nostalgia; modern-day technology shines with Adiplus cushioning, ensuring wearers will always stride with confidence.

 Styling the adidas Ozmillen

Out with the old notion that these silhouettes are solely for running; the Ozmillen is the new must-have in any sneaker lineup. Offering style without compromising comfort, you’ll find something for every ensemble. From athleisure to laidback looks or that trending preppy Y2K-inspired aesthetic you see on Pinterest, this pair has you covered.

If you’re taking inspiration from the iconic looks of the Year 2000, style the adidas Ozmillen with your casual or oversized T-shirts, effortlessly creating a stylish statement when paired with jeans, shorts, or skirts. Of course, don’t forget the power of a good monochrome moment, where you can let the adidas Ozmillen be your canvas, coordinating these trendy sneakers with your clothing for a bold and cohesive OOTD.

If you’re reviving the textbook definition of Y2K, simply color block, follow the big bottom and little top fashion formula, and you’re good to go. Remember: When in doubt, wear sneakers.

The adidas Adistar

Also one of the standout silhouettes of the 2000s running collection, the adidas Adistar still looks as futuristic today as it did back in Y2K. Like a blast from the past with a modern twist, this sneaker is ready to impress the next generation.

With its breathable mesh upper, reflective details, and the trendiest metallic elements, it’s got everything you would expect from a classic 2000s sneaker. The best part? It’s equipped with Adiprene cushioning for that extra support you need, because in today’s fashion scene, we’re not compromising comfort for anything else.

If you’re considering this design, the one with neon green outlines is the pop of color everyone needs for even the most basic outfits. From a black monochrome to the classic combo of white and denim, you can never go wrong with a little green.

The adidas Response CL

Get ready to experience pioneering running technology, straight from the archive and into the present day. The adidas Response CL has been reimagined for the modern era, paying homage to the storied archive while effortlessly blending into the contemporary scene.

At the core of this sneaker’s design lies the innovative spirit and experimentalism of the brand’s iconic past. With ventilating segments, synthetic elements, and a two-tone color palette, the Response CL captures the essence of its predecessors while standing out in today’s fashion scene. Enhanced with modern-day comfort and technology, these sneakers offer wearers the perfect fusion of style and functionality.

Shop now at to get your hands on this iconic pair. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a statement wherever you go!

Creative & Art Direction GELO QUIJENCO
Hair and Makeup by VIOLET OCAMPO

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