7 Reasons Why aespa’s Ningning Is An Absolute 4th Generation K-pop Gem

She's too spicy.

You can trust Ningning to carry out the K-pop legacy into the 4th generation and beyond.

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In an industry that has been home to incredible talents for decades, it might be difficult to find an edge that would set you apart from the rest. The K-pop scene has always delivered when it comes to harnessing and producing individuals set to captivate the world—and they (SM Entertainment in particular) definitely hit the jackpot with 4th generation gem Ningning

aespa themselves are known to be an ace group with all four members, Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning being hailed as multi-talented queens. Dance, vocals, rap, visuals, name it, and 4/4 would probably be ticking the mark. 

But today, we are shining the spotlight on aespa’s maknae and only Chinese member as we list 7 reasons why Ningning is acing the slaying game:

Versatile Vocals

Since their much-anticipated debut in 2020, aespa  has swept the world by storm with their unique sound and one-of-a-kind energy that sets them apart from their peers. SM Entertainment is known to be home to the most groundbreaking vocalists the industry has ever witnessed and aespa’s main vocal Ningning isn’t lagging behind in keeping this legacy. 

From ballads to feel-goods, pop to soul, Ningning is a vocal shapeshifter who can rock every genre known to mankind. Just check out her rendition of Ave Maria! Ningning is also a collab favorite, with artists left and right expressing wanting to collaborate with her. I mean, who wouldn’t want to?!

Lucid Looks

Aside from SM’s vocal print, Ningning also inherited the SM visual branding. With doll-like features and striking energy that only she can emulate, Ningning carries herself like she was born to shine on and off the stage. This Versace muse has the visuals you just can’t get enough of!

Ball Of Energy

With Ningning being the youngest in aespa, she has definitely developed a peculiar sense of humor that heavily mirrors the Gen Z banter. Several clips of Ningning have been making the rounds on the internet for its happy virus and feel-good energy. Definitely a fan-favorite as a source of reaction pictures. Hailed as aespa’s meme queen, this ball of sunshine is set to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Camera Cutie

Ningning has definitely mastered the art of taking the most captivating photos. Leaving behind face apps and filters, she is the epitome of keeping it real. Ningning has shown a knack for posting photos that carry such indescribable Gen Z print. From beauty shots to blurred mirror selfies, Ningning can flawlessly pull it off. 

Gen Z Icon

Speaking of Gen Z, Ningning is probably the epitome of embodying her whole generation. Take a peek at her bbl (the app), and you’ll see a wide selection of memes she has sent, sometimes even posting them on her stories.

Her true mark of being a Gen Z lies in mundane behaviors and incidents that no other generation is brave enough to do. Like that one instance where she cut her hair by herself while on Instagram Live or how she utilized her interview sessions by asking Rihanna to release an album. Truly one of us.

Immaculate Music Recommendations

One of Ningning’s admirable ways to bond with her fans is the constant exchange of music recommendations. So far, we have been getting good music from Ms. Ningning, with an abundance of Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, and Kehlani on her playlist. She has taste, wbk. 

Sexy Mind

Above all these, Ningning’s most praiseworthy quality is how she thinks and looks at life. Being in an industry with almost all of your life being featured for everyone to feast and see can significantly impact these idols’ mental well-being. With this, Ningning makes sure to keep a healthy mind regarding haters and unrealistic expectations towards her and the whole of aespa.

On one fansign call, she reassures fans that they do not have to worry about Ningning being exposed to hate comments because she knows better than to acknowledge comments that are out to get her. “You guys might be worried that I will feel because the antis or whatever, but in fact I don’t care about those rumors. I look for my own mistakes from myself to keep me improving, so I won’t be affected by those anti comments,” she shared to the fan.

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