6 Movies From 2023 That You Should Have Seen By Now

Now that's cinema.

If you haven’t seen these movies yet, you’re missing out.

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If someone told you that there were no good movies this year, that’s because they haven’t been watching enough films. Once again, the cinema proved to be a haven for those who wanted to escape, be transfixed, transported, and immersed in worlds and narratives only movies can offer. And given all the hype that Barbie and Oppenheimer are gettingnot to mention another home run for the Mission Impossible franchise, moviegoing is still alive and well. And with months left before the end of 2023, there are still movies we’re excited to see and some that might even surprise us.

But if you’re already making that 2023 movie watchlist, we listed down a few must-includes that offered some of the best cinematic experiences of the year so far (note that this list will only cover films released between January 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023).


Many hail Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse as one of the best movies ever made. So, to say that the sequel had a lot of expectations to live up to is an understatement. Yet, not only did Across The Spider-Verse meet the hype, it also smashed it too. Miles’ latest foray into the Spider-Verse was everything we wanted and more, from a grand story, emotional plotlines, and enough Spider-people to fill multiverses. The sequel hits all the right boxes and then some and reminds us again that animation was, is, and will continue to be a medium worth respecting in cinema.


Knives Out set in the Philippines is a description that won’t do this film justice. Jun Lana’s take on the murder mystery stands head and shoulders above many of its contemporaries thanks to its impressive quality, comedy, costumes, perfect casting, and, most importantly, infusion of Pinoy humor and culture into the story. Only in the Philippines will you find movie about a group of mistresses who figure out which one of them killed their shared lover.

Ten Little Mistresses is a film that anyone can enjoy but just hits differently for Filipinos who can pick up and understand the cultural nuance embedded in the film. And don’t get us started on the cast, whose ensemble acting is one of the best in Philippine cinema in years.


As if we thought the John Wick franchise couldn’t get any better, here they go and deliver another knockout (literally and figuratively) with the fourth entry in the franchise. John Wick’s (supposed) send-off was one for the ages, as it was nearly three hours of the year’s best action scenes. From the assault of the Osaka Continental to that edge-of-your-seat extended sequence across the streets of Paris during the final act, every set piece stunned, stabbed, and shined. Add to that excellent new additions from Donnie Yen’s Caine and Rina Sawayama’s Akira, you have a movie that ended on a definitive period while also leaving the door slightly open for exciting new adventures.


The Dungeons & Dragons movie had no business being as good as it is. Before its release, the film looked like it would be another casualty of Hollywood’s inability to translate iconic properties of geek culture to the big screen. Yet, the movie surprised audiences with just how competent it is. What it does well is how it balances respecting the source material while delivering a story that people who haven’t played the tabletop game can enjoy. It’s a fun, funny, and lighthearted fantasy action adventure but with an emotional core that ties everything together. Don’t let the generic fantasy setting fool you, this one is worth the watch.  


A lot of discourse as of late has surrounded the MCU and whether or not it has lost its mojo, and rightfully so. But the finale of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy proved that there is still magic in the biggest movie franchise in history. James Gunn’s send-off for The Guardians is a slick, action-heavy, and emotional roller coaster ride that will take you places.

Centering the story on Rocket’s past was an emotional gut punch we didn’t see coming and helped thread the bond these misfits have had for over nine years. Questionable portrayal of Adam Warlock aside, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 doesn’t get bogged down by the mythos of the MCU as it gives each member of the team a proper and logical goodbye.


Netflix better recalibrate its marketing budget because it’s an actual crime how underrated this movie is. Released at the tale end of June, Nimona follows the story of Ballister Blodheart, a knight from a futuristic medieval world, who, after being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, must team up with Nimona, a mischievous teen, to clear his name. His only problem? Nimona is a shapeshifting creature Ballister is sworn to destroy. From the animation, story, action, representation, and more, Nimona goes above and beyond being just another Netflix original dumped on the streaming service. Its minimal marketing hides the fact that it’s one of the best animated films of the year so far.  


The Super Mario Bros. Movie: It’s an Illumination movie, for better and worse. But it has bundles of fun, charm, and nostalgia.

Evil Dead Rise: Demonic mother mothered a little too hard in this bloody good entry for the Evil Dead franchise.

Air: Who knew a film about how Nike made the Air Jordan line without centering on Michael Jordan could be so entertaining?

Missing: Just as good as the original. And that ending? One of the best plot twists of the year.

M3GAN: New queen of horror if you ask us.

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