5 Things You Need To Know About K-Pop Boy Group THE BOYZ

AKA 5 reasons why you should start stanning THE BOYZ.

THE BOYZ had a groundbreaking year in 2020, and 2021 looks to continue their success. Here are some things you need to know about this rising 4th gen boy group.

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K-Pop boy group, THE BOYZ, have been on a roll lately. After spending the last few years as one of the lesser-known 4th gen K-Pop boy groups, the group has achieved a surge in popularity as of late. This is thanks in part to their run on Kingdom: Legendary War, which exposed them to a bigger demographic. Going into the competitive landscape, they were arguably the least known group competing. But after the competition, they left with legions of new fans, attention, and a 2nd place finish. Also, they recently debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard K-Pop 100 chart. If you just started to pay attention to THE BOYZ just recently and are a new fan, here are five things you need to know about them.


the boyz

THE BOYZ is a K-Pop boy group composed of 11 members. Meet Sangyeon (the leader, and main vocalist, music), Jacob (the lead vocalist), Younghoon (the vocalist and visual), Hyunjae (the lead vocal, lead dancer, and visual), Juyeon (the main dancer, vocal, and visual), Kevin (the main vocalist), New (the main vocalist), Q (the main dancer and vocalist), Haknyeon (the lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper), Sunwoo (the main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist), and Eric (the lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, and maknae of the group).

There used to be a 12th member, Hwall, when they debuted, but he left the group in October 2019 for health reasons. He has since re-debuted as a solo artist. Aside from their designated positions, the members have their own individual talents. Sangyeon produces and writes music. Younghoon is also good in acting and has appeared in a Korean web drama. Jacob can play the guitar. Kevin knows how to play the piano and is great with art and graphic design. Haknyeon, meanwhile, is talented in b-boying.


5 Things You Need To Know About K-Pop Boy Group THE BOYZ

THE BOYZ debuted on December 6, 2017, under cre.ker entertainment, a subsidiary of KAKAO M. Their debut song was called Boy while their debut album was called THE FIRST. They followed that up with the mini-album, THE START, with the title track, Giddy Up. Up next was mini-album, THE SPHERE, with lead single, Right Here. Their final release of 2018 was the mini-album, THE ONLY, with the title track being, No Air.

In 2019, their first release was the mini-album, Bloom Bloom, with the title track of the same name. Bloom Bloom won them their first music show win on May 7th, 2019. Their next release was the EP DREAMLIKE with lead single D.D.D. Afterward, they released their first Japanese mini-album called TATOO with the lead single of the same name.

In February 2020, THE BOYZ finally released their first studio album with REVEAL along with the title track of the same name. They then followed that up with a mini-album in September called CHASE with the excellent title track, The Stealer. 2021 so far has seen the group release their first Japanese studio album called Breaking Dawn with the lead single of the same name. They are currently in the works on their sixth EP which is set for a release in August. They also just released a promo single called Drink It for the app Universe.

Over the years, they also have released special Christmas singles called White and Christmassy!. Their fandom name is called The B (pronounced deboi in Korean).


Unlike the other boy groups who participated in Kingdom, THE BOYZ technically weren’t invited to the competition. Instead, they competed in the prequel to Kingdom, called Road to Kingdom for a chance to win a spot on the show. THE BOYZ, along with the groups Pentagon, ONF, Golden Child, Verivery, Oneus, and To1 competed against each other in a similar style to Kingdom until a final winner would be crowned who would then compete in the actual show. THE BOYZ did fantastic on the show, consistently getting 1st or 2nd place in the categories. They beat ONF to win the spot in Kingdom. Talk about impressive.


Controversies aside, THE BOYZ had a great run on Kingdom and gave some memorable performances that led them to an overall 2nd place finish. But if you’ve been following the group for a while, you know they always deliver when it comes to their performances. Just watch some of their stages during Road to Kingdom and in award shows. When they perform, they PERFORM.

Even their covers are great. Juyeon is regarded as one of the best dancers in K-Pop right now and some of his dance covers have gone viral. Q is also known to clean up on the dance floor. They also deliver when it comes to vocals and rap. Even their visuals are top-notch. Their teaser video for their The Stealer comeback was so good and their special films scream quality while also mixing important themes for the new generation. When you watch THE BOYZ, you’ll be in for a show.


They first went to the Philippines in late 2018 to perform when Show Champion filmed an episode here. In their vlog about the trip, they even rode a few rides along Manila Bay. They then had a fan-con in Manila in 2019 as part of their Asian fan-con tour. When the pandemic is over and it’s relatively safe to travel again, if THE BOYZ decide to go on a world tour again and perform in the country, we feel that they will have a lot more fans waiting to see them.

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