12 Of The Most Iconic Makeup Looks From Drag Race PH

Painted for the gods.

Witg the first season of Drag Race Philippines come to a close, we reminisce on some of the most iconic makeup looks by our talented queens. 

Since the announcement of the first season of the Drag Race Philippines, fans went from speculation, to anticipation, and now, the long-awaited conclusion. We can all agree that the first Filipino edition was a huge success. The reality show was well received and showered with adoration from people who have had a new found love for drag, as well as long-time fans. You could say that this is a big deal for the Filipino queer community, as drag culture is no longer seen as just cross dressing, but an art form. With the help of mainstream media, they were able to open the minds of a society that has been shackled to a specific standard.

It’s an undeniable fact that the show is an homage to the ballroom scene. Lip syncing, walking on the runway, and serving face are few of the elements from the underground queer culture of the early 90s. 

The essence of the franchise boils down to charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent — qualities that the Filipino queens all possess. Though criticism was thrown left to right, each queen had their fair share of highlights during the show. Fashion references and execution are a big part of Drag Race, but the makeup artistry and the extravagant hair and accessories deserve to be recognized and given tribute. In honor of the finale, we compiled the most sickening looks of the season of each queen. 


The winner of the season, the queen of queens, Precious Paula Nicole’s most iconic mug is none other than her finale makeup. A forest green motif that matched every outfit, from the first runway, to the last. Due to the lack of time in between performances, she changed her hair from a plain black, a classic blonde, to a Cruela De Vil-esque wig to match the theme of her pieces. 


We can’t deny that Ms. Summers has served fine fresh fish since the beginning of the season. A structured nose, clean brows, and a nude beat is apparent in her basic mug, but her Pink, Pak, Boom! runway look lives rent-free in our minds. 


Everybody loves a twin moment! For Xilouete’s most iconic look, we cannot stop raving about her classic dark mug from her Family Resemblance challenge. We enjoyed seeing her step out of her comfort zone this season, but Xilouete isn’t Xilouete without her gothic beat.


To quote Eva as Rufa Mae, “Todo na ‘toooo” And indeed, she really did the most. For her Pink, Pak, Boom! runway look, she wears an impressive platinum blonde wig, and her makeup snatched, giving that goddess effect.

Viñas Deluxe

Viñas is known for her extravagant clothing pieces, and her Sagalamazon outfit is not one to forget. But when it comes to the makeup and hair, we have to give it to her campy Shake, Rattle, and Rampa runway makeup and hair look. 


Minty Fresh always comes through—from style concept to hair and makeup direction, she never misses. In her Two-In-One Ru-velation look, while she landed on the bottom, we cannot deny that her bold ginger wig, and glamorous beat was absolutely stunning on the runway. 


Category is: pearls, pearls, pearls! On episode four of Drag Race Philippines, Brigiding reveals an iconic pearl-themed ensemble on the runway. We can talk about how mesmerizing her makeup look was all day long, but the pearl headpiece on top of her blonde wig was the icing on the cake. Everything about this look was pearl-fect! 


Lady Morgana has a big heart, and an even bigger stage presence. For her Rich Shopper look, she embodies luxury the house down boots! You can never go wrong with a nude beat, but what sells the whole look is her pin-up hair with blonde highlights. Stunning!


Inspired by her home bar, O Bar, Ate Turs ruveals a 60s number reminiscent of Twiggy. She looks phenomenal from top to bottom, but her pink curly wig and bold but sweet beat is so cohesive to her whole outfit. 


Gigi Era really knows how to make a good first impression. Wearing an all red ensemble, she struts the work room for the first time in full bangs, and a striking mug. This look is one for the books. 


Corazon is definitely a glamazon! Her runway hair and makeup look for the finale of Drag Race PH is very reminiscent of a Vegas girl performer. What stood out was her extravagant blue bun and her sickening makeup to match her feathery and sparkly number. 


If you follow Prince on Instagram, you know that her concepts are out of this world. As the first queen to sashay away, we wish we could’ve seen what she had to offer. Besides the shooooes her first and final runway look was an unforgettable one. It’s evident that with her blue alien look she definitely stood out from the rest. 

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