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What It’s Like Recording A Teleserye Theme Song, According To Zephanie

Nothing screams "good TV show" like a good theme song.

Zephanie starts the year strong with the full release of her latest teleserye theme song. And she’s just getting started. 

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As trivial as it may seem to some, teleserye theme songs play an important part in the success of a show. Aside from the fact that it’s heard in every episode, it also serves as the main theme for what the show is about, not to mention giving major exposure to the musician singing the track. Some of the hottest teleseryes in years past were aided by memorable and LSS-inducing theme songs. It’s something Zephanie is quite familiar with. 

If you’ve been catching GMA Network’s drama series, Lovers & Liars, you have probably heard Zephanie’s voice as the Gen Z singer brings to life the show’s theme song, Kung Ang Puso. While the show has been airing since late last year, we were recently treated to the full release of the track, taking in the full glory of Zephanie’s vocal range and emotion. So, what is it like being the voice behind a theme song heard every night on a major network? Zephanie gives us the 411.  


Zephanie’s rendition of Kung Ang Puso, which is actually a cover of the same track by Unit 406, began when she was offered the opportunity last year. According to the new-gen pop princess, her first listen to the track already blew her away. “When I first listened to this song, I got affected kasi sobrang puno ng emotions and the song is so great.”

Understandably, getting the chance to record the theme song for a major teleserye was an opportunity Zephanie was not going to miss. “As a singer, siyempre yun talaga yung goal mo na makakanta ka ng theme song ng mga teleserye. It’s always so overwhelming.” She adds, “I’m always happy and grateful whenever nabibigyan ng chance to sing a song for a teleserye or show.” 


Given how Zephanie has been praised as having one of the best voices of the new generation, it’s no wonder the 20-year-old has been booked and busy singing TV show theme songs or being included in OSTs. Doing so for Lovers & Liars is the latest feather to her cap. Zephanie’s emotional interpretation of Kung ang Puso enhances the already emotionally charged show. The rendition showcases Zephanie’s unique musical artistry and emphasizes her talent for bringing new life into an existing classic.

Like with any song, a teleserye theme song tells a story, though the narrative falls on another level with how connected it is to the series. “[A teleserye theme song is] also a part of the story of the teleserye, so kailangan aligned yung emotions dun sa mismong show,” shares Zephanie. When it came to recording the actual track, Zephanie recalls how capturing the emotion of the track was a top priority for the producers. “Meron sila mga instructions na kailangan ganito yung maramdanam ng tao kapag pinapakinggan yung kanta. Kailangan match siya sa intesisty sa show.” 


As for her favorite part? It was getting to do her own adlibs on the recording and bringing that Zephanie style to the cover. “I’m lucky to be given the chance to sing it sa style ko, and I think as someone who tries to establish my own image bilang isang singer, I want to share to people yung style ko, branding ko.”


Zephanie’s teleserye triumph is just one of the many achievements she coming off from in 2023. The past year alone saw the musician, among other things, participate in international events, made her acting debut in GMA’s Sparkle U series, and furthered her Disney bonafides by singing the Tagalog version of Wish from the Disney animated movie of the same name entitled Aking Hiling. “The whole year was actually my favorite [part],” she enthused. “I went through so much but I learned a lot and I experienced so many things na hindi ko inexpect mangyari sa season ng life ko ngayon.” 

With how well her 2023 went, it’s natural she’d be entering 2024 excited about what plans she has in store. Speaking of plans, Zephanie teases the possibility of a concert, continued acting roles, and the start of a new music era with a new album. “There’s something new kasi I felt like marami na rin nabago sa akin personally and my tastes sa music, yung mga genres, so I think it’s something they should look out for,” she explains on what fans can expect on her new album.


Whatever opportunities come Zephanie’s way this year, she’s ready to make the most of it. “Whatever blessing na magibay ni Lord sa akin sa taon na to, I’ll make sure na it’s gonna be really memorable.” 

And yes, like you, Zephanie also has New Year’s resolutions she wants to work on, namely that all-too-relatable goal to “overcome fear when trying new things.” As a self-described overthinker and perfectionist, Zephanie is hoping to use 2024 as the year she musters the courage to take on new challenges head-on and get that character development. “Ang daming mong madedevelop na qualities sa sarili mo na bubuo sa kung sino kayo.”

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