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4 Reasons Why Antoinette Jadaone’s Latest Movie, ‘Sunshine’, Already Has Our Attention 

We love a pro-women and pro-choice movie.

Aside from being the latest collaboration between Antoinette Jadaone and Maris Racal, Sunshine also looks to tackle the issue of teen pregnancy and reproductive rights in the Philippines. 

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Aside from being a form of entertainment, movies can and should also be ways to shed light on important issues and pressing matters. The medium has always been an avenue to talk about often taboo subjects and start discussions on topics some people would rather sweep under the rug. Through the art of visual media and storytelling, crucial narratives from often underrepresented voices are told. That is shaping up to be the case for the upcoming Filipino movie Sunshine

On the outside looking in, Sunshine might seem like a movie about a young gymnast, but it’s much more than that as it looks to tell a tale that has affected many young women. Here are a few reasons why the movie already has our attention, and why it should grab yours. 



While a movie starring Maris Racal as a gymnast would already be fine, Sunshine goes above and beyond as it tackles the issue of teenage pregnancy and women’s reproductive rights. Sunshine tells the story of a young gymnast who discovers she is pregnant on the week of the national team tryouts. On her way to a seller of illegal abortion drugs, she meets a mysterious girl who eerily talks and thinks like her. As the young gymnast navigates these unexpected turn of events, the movie hopes to raise awareness of women’s reproductive rights in the Philippines, a matter that is not widely discussed in local media and society in general. 

As Jadaone told Deadline, “These topics have always been taboo in the Philippines because of our deeply conservative roots, but when cases of teenage pregnancy and self-induced abortions rise every year, it is imperative that these stories be told.” 

Movies have always been used to challenge the status quo, and Sunshine is following that mold as it advocates for women’s stories and issues. “Sunshine boldly addresses sensitive topics related to womanhood, the layers that complicate it, and the societal demands Filipinas face today,” shared General Manager of ANIMA Bianca Balbuena in a press release. In a time when women’s reproductive rights continue to be curtailed, we need more media that champions the freedom to choose what women want to do with their bodies. 



To any Filipino cinephile, Antoinette Jadaone needs no introduction. But in case you need a refresh, she is an acclaimed writer and director behind some of modern Filipino cinema’s most-talked-about movies. Her filmography extends the realms of indie to mainstream, with hits such as Six Degrees Of Separation From Lilia Cuntapay, That Thing Called Tadhana, Never Not Love You, and Alone/Together. 

Her last movie, 2020’s Fan Girl, was not only well-received but also delved into the issue of parasocial relationships and power dynamics, which has us hopeful that Sunshine will follow in the same vein. Add to that the movie being co-produced by ANIMA, the studio behind On The Job 2: The Missing 8 and Leonor Will Never Die, Sunshine is in good hands. 



From comedy, drama, rom-com, and more, Maris Racal has proven to be adept at taking on any role given to her. She is regarded as a scene-stealer by many for a reason. So, we have faith that Maris will give Sunshine justice with her acting prowess. Also, it’s commendable that Maris is lending her considerable star power to a movie that aims to be a thought-provoking piece on changing the discourse around teenage pregnancy in the Philippines. 

It’s not every day that A-list celebrities join and even lead projects that delve into controversial topics. But Maris has always been one to use her platform for the good, and Sunshine will be her latest career move that hopes to help bring about much-needed change in the country. 



When Maris Racal and Antoinette Jadaone are in the same room, it’s going to be nothing but magic. This isn’t the first time the two have worked together. Previously, Racal starred in Jadaone’s Simula Sa Gitna and The Kangks Show. And if you haven’t seen either show, you’re missing out on some amazing series. Sunshine marks their third collaboration and first time working on a movie together, which has us all kinds of excited. These two are allergic to flopping, so you can expect Sunshine to have the same quality as their past works. 

Sunshine is currently in post-production. 

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