Who Knows Her Better? Alexa Ilacad Puts KD Estrada And Her Mom To The Test

KD versus mommy.

From her biggest fear and weirdest habit to her celebrity crushes and dream collab, Alexa Ilacad challenges the two most special people in her life.

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Having an illustrious and extensive career so far, Alexa Ilacad’s life sure is filled with rich and interesting stories. And because of that, Alexa puts two very special people in her life to a “who knows me better” challenge for her new vlog episode. One of them is the other half of the beloved KDLex tandem, KD Estrada, and the other one is none other than her mommy Dina. It’s quite a difficult pairing to be honest. Who will win? Her mother or her special someone? Well, it’s for you to find out. But first, let’s get to know Alexa better through some of the highlights from her latest vlog that’s equal parts fun, funny, and endearing.


Alexa Ilacad laughs with KD Estrada and Mommy Dina

Before Alexa Ilacad starts the challenge, it’s obvious that her mommy Dina is not used to being in front of the camera. Alexa even asks for her mother’s fans’ (the Dinanators) support to hype her up. But a couple of questions in, mommy Dina quickly gets the hang of the game, getting the first questions right, and even warning KD Estrada to not cheat at one point. Yes, mommy Dina, go get ’em questions!


Alexa Ilacad saying "Buti na lang cute ka" to KD Estrada

At one point, the special pair are asked about the favorite television character that Alexa has played in the past. Mommy Dina quickly gets the right answer, that is Luna, Alexa’s role in the hit TV series The Killer Bride. But KD struggles, mistakenly saying that it’s Marceline the Vampire from the animated show Adventure Time. KD reasons that he thinks the question is about the characters Alexa has transformed into in their past Halloween parties. “Buti na lang cute ka,” is all Alexa can say to KD after that.


Mommy Dina asks KD, "How do you know?"

Faced with the question about the first thing Alexa Ilacad does in the morning, KD Estrada gets a funny “lagot ka” moment from Alexa’s mom. Mommy Dina gets the answer, but when KD says the same thing, she gets curious. “How do you know,” she asks as the group bursts into laughter. “Because I check my phone to text him!” Alexa replies jokingly. 

Buttercup or Bubbles

Alexa Ilacad saying she loves Powerpuff Girls

Well, it seems that Alexa Ilacad was a big Powerpuff Girls fan as a kid. After Mommy Dina gets the right answer to the question about Alexa’s childhood superhero that is Bubbles, Alexa joyfully throws back to her childhood. She shares that when she was naughty, her mom would call her attention by calling her Buttercup and Bubbles when she’s being a good girl. “But I think growing up I turned into Buttercup,” Alexa says in jest.


Alexa says that it's her childhood dream to be a helper.

Did you know that at some point in her life, Alexa Ilacad wanted to be a helper? Helping Alexa recall her childhood dream is her mom, as she shares that at primary school, she used to love washing her hanky and baunan at their laundry area. She loved it so much that it became her dream initially as a child, apart from being the commercial model of Pancit Canton.


Alexa talks about her passion of helping animal shelters.

We get another reason to love Alexa Ilacad even more as she shares that the thing she’s most passionate about is helping animal shelters. What is there not to love about Alexa?


KD says Alexa is very approachable

After being in the limelight for a long time, even starring in a reality show for months, it would seem that Alexa Ilacad is an open book. But when KD Estrada and mommy Dina are asked about the thing or trait that people don’t know and should know about Alexa, we are treated with a cute and delightful moment. 

Mommy Dina shares how much of a compassionate and generous person her daughter is who gives help to people she doesn’t even know. Alexa even shares that she randomly helps people on social media platforms like TikTok even sending cash donations online. Meanwhile, KD says that Alexa is very approachable, much to her surprise, and that people, who usually think otherwise, should know that more about her.

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