Where To Shop Locally For Tie-Dye Like Rue from Euphoria

Who else is having Euphoria withdrawals? ?

Since Euphoria’s debut in 2019, the impact of the show hasn’t stopped until this day. Just look at the countless beauty filters, bomb Euphoria-inspired ‘Grams, and Tiktok challenges that we’ve seen this year.

The Gen Z-centered show brought back a lot of trends and captured the youth not only because of the relatable portrayal of mental health and everyone’s unspoken daily struggles, but also because of its compelling cinematography and astounding story-telling. And of course, the clothes and makeup were cool, too. Rue Bennett, the lead character of the show, portrayed by Miss Zendaya, was known for her boyish style and no-fuss choices. She was often spotted in her maroon hoodie, button downs, Chuck Taylors and tie-dye—a trend most people are still surprisingly 50-50 about. Euphoria’s costume designer, Heidi Bivens, actually explained in an interview that the costume team made sure to “over-dye or customize them to better align them with the character’s style.” Perhaps that’s why we always see Rue in psychedelic prints.

Whether you love it or hate it, here are 5 of the best online stores where you can cop tie-dye pieces for you or your Euphoria-obsessed friend.

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Cebu-based brand Tie Diet is one of the first online shops that dyes reworked or thrifted pieces and they constantly collaborate with up and coming local designers and brands. They have denim jackets, cargo pants, bucket hats, and bags.


A cult-favorite, TOQA.Tv stands out not only because of their sport-resort pieces, but each of their lookbooks and campaigns all capture the envious island life that the Philippines is known for.


Plant-dyeing is a tradition most Filipinos have forgotten, but not Himaya PH. They also use local weaves, all handmade and upcycled. Himaya was also recently part of the Festival of Extraordinary Textiles Exhibition 2020 in France.


Dress 2 Kill’s tie-dye lava coords are pretty much head-turners, and they’re giving off island gal vibes. If Ariel was an edgy mermaid, she’d easily rock these everyday.


If you love their resort pieces, you’ll love the people who create these garments even more. Sigla is a sustainable and ethically-sourced brand that are mostly made by seamstresses from the community of Gawad Kalinga, Bulacan. All of their garments are traditionally hand-dyed and repurposed clothes, too!