SB19’s What? Is The Record-Breaking Hit Of The Year

Watch SB19 accept the award for gen-z approved hit.

SB19 has released a series of bops and hit songs in the past few years, but What? maybe their finest work to date.

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We already celebrated the group as a whole, and for this award, we celebrate the group’s smash hit, What? Oh, you know, their music video that has become one of the most-liked Filipino videos of all time on YouTube. With both fans and casuals praising the song, SB19 made sure they’re able to speak to each and every Pinoy who takes pride in themselves. What? (short for Watawat) is one of the P-Pop group’s most powerful songs so far and they never forget to put the spotlight on their roots. No wonder they won the Gen Z-Approved Hit Award. Here’s just a short rundown of the success the song has achieved in three months.

The music video to What? received over two million views in its first two days. This is precisely what happens when you give an artist creative freedom. Along with an all-Filipino cast who brought their vision to life, the boys of SB19 were all hands-on in the production with Justin even directing the video.

Since its release, What? currently has more than 660,000 comments already. Usually, we’d see different opinions of people, especially towards the new wave of OPM, but SB19’s comments section is full of facts and achievements of the group. What’s not to celebrate?

The What? music video is also one of the most liked Filipino music videos of all time on YouTube. The video currently stands at over 10 million views and 623,000 likes. The best part is that What? is a patriotic OPM pop hit that both hits hard and talks about a deeper meaning. Legends only.

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